Should I swear?


During my growing up years there is nothing that has irritated me more than a certain four letter word and the mention of a certain finger on our hands. Nope, I am not saying that I was always this “Politically Correct” and  stating that I had an aversion to it. But honestly, seriously, by God I had an aversion to it.

It is not that I have anything against people who swear. Believe me, I have experienced the sheer thrill that it beings about. It is almost liberating to be able to swear out loud. But what is the necessity for it? That WAS my question. As a teenager I use to cringe each time the word was used in front of me in school. But it had become some kind of a hep thing to say or imply. This was in the 80’s and back then these words were not yet universally accepted or rather were not yet universally not accepted. It was just there for anyone to use if annoyed with someone or to annoy someone. The two words and the matching finger action was a craze in my school. And being the “Politically Correct” do goody that I always was (and still kinda am) I have had to be at the receiving end of quite a bit of it.

There came a time when I became frustrated with the use of the word just to create “I am a popular” feeling. Many a time these were used in the most inappropriate times. Times that didn’t even warrant it. Mind you , back in those days we had no internet to google and find “When, Where and How to swear, for the Dummies“. One particular girl used to just show the finger whenever she felt like it. During one such instance, I crossed my legs and hands over myself and said “don’t even try!” Yeah, she thought I didn’t know what that depicted or maybe she herself didn’t realize what it actually symbolized. The cringe that was on her face when she realized the true meaning of it was mind-blowing!

This , I am sure will not be a problem these days. Every child from nursery onwards has heard it at least once somewhere, and much before they leave primary section, most of them know what it means. How I know, you ask?  We , by mistake rented an English DVD movie one night and the movie had nothing but profanity from scene one. But by the time we could switch it off, the words had already been out in the open. Kids weren’t even curious as to what the words were about!

We are all extremely careful about we say in front of our kids, then how do they manage to learn all this? I guess that will always remain a mystery to me. But is it? Whether we go to malls, parks or movies we will invariably find a bunch of teenagers or young men and women using such words as “WTF man, what does that teacher think of herself/himself?” . Or another frustrated(???) young thing will say the F word holding its head back and running its hand over its forehead. He/She has forgotten to get something or to do something! And that somehow justifies the use of the word. We used to use Sh*t for such occasions. No harm done, each to his/her own I guess.

In a household, in the not so far future are we going to hear these young things ,that grow up to be parents , speak to their 5-6 years olds the same way! No! They will refrain from using it at home in front of their kids. But why? They think it is wrong to use it maybe? Then why use it all? That IS my question? Why use it all?

Isn’t Stupid, Idiot, Useless , Crazy and Bullshit good enough words to show your anger or frustration? Maybe not! These don’t even help me much anymore. I rather swear, it is rather intoxicating and liberating, but the “Politically Correct” me only swears onto the computer screen when in solitude and only in the mind when in company. Believe me , these words, even if unsaid out loud (or untyped out aloud), give an immense feeling of satisfaction!

But the question still nags me, why there is this need to swear?


12 thoughts on “Should I swear?

  1. OH god, I better not meet you , I swear a lot tooo 🙂 and as you say it feels liberation.. and who gives a damn about politcial correctness

    the need to swear is because otherwise I will HIT the person .. and that will be assault and all that pallava .. so get rid of the aggression and anger SWEAR works fine


    • Maybe I should send out some Brahma Kumaris onto you. Learn to be a “shaant aathma”. He he
      Or may be tell Aamir Bhaijan to pick this topic up! This is also an evil you know. Whats say?
      Jokes apart, but someone has to stop this from going on. Why leave a bad taste? It is getting worse with every generation.
      I think there is this Mahatma Gandhi saying that goes something like this ” Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I can make only such small changes. 😦


    • I don’t like it either and yes, there is no need to do so. But many do. And I think it is the simplest thing to stop and change. No need for morchas and hunger strikes. Just learn to keep you mouth from uttering profanity. I mean, how difficult can it be?


  2. Me too don’t like swearing, but people whose around swearing in such a way…it just got stick to us. Moreover, now a days it has become a fashion to swear, if you don’t use such words i bet, soon it may be considered as crime. And this generation kids as smart as an IIT-an, they grasp like anything. So, its our duty to spill the beans carefully. I don’t think its much difficult to handle. 😉


    • It is not at all difficult to handle. It is more like a fashionable thing to do these days. You don’t swear means you are not cool enough to live in this world of coolness. How such words become cool is beyond me!


  3. There once was a colleague of mine who used to swear a lot. When the rest of the team didn’t know how to tackle him I had a bright(?) Idea.

    I stuck a white sheet on the wall and simply told him, “Syed! Anytime I hear a word I am going to mark it on this piece of paper. When the page gets full you have to take all of us out for lunch”

    Believe it or not I counted only upto 7 marks on the paper and he became completely sober.

    There is absolutely no need for words when you are frustrated. A glass of water or a bar of chocolate or some fresh air will do wonders!


    • Ha ha… You taught him right! Good Going Girl! I am sure I haven’t helped to change anyone completely , but in college and since then, people who know me well were always careful of what they say! I had a cute friend in college whose every third word was F , it was really cute initially when he would start off with Ffff and then look at me and stop midway with a smile.

      There is no need to swear. But still plenty of people do it. 😦


  4. Ah, I swear when I am pissed but never in public. I swear a lot while driving — the crazy drivers bring it on and I am bindaas with hubby. Rest with everyone else, I hardly ever swear.


    • Oh yes! My hubby is from Delhi, so you can imagine the juiciest gaalis that the road rage brings about! He says it is a necessity there! But he has managed to control it completely!

      This is most prevalent on FB and Twitter now! Someone please tell them it is cheap and not hep to do so!


  5. Unfortunately, swearing is increasingly being associated with being hep and liberated, but personally I feel it is a sign of a compulsion to conform. I swear only when I am alone 🙂

    @Rachna, please refrain from swearing with the kids in the car 🙂


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