A Bangalore Trip


A weekend in Bangalore was just what the doctor ordered. I mean, it had that effect on my health. I am not sure if the fact that the reason for the trip was rounded up with perfection, or the fact that the cool weather in Bangalore brought in the soothing effect that my soul was looking forward to. I somehow I am more refreshed and at peace than I was ever before. Over the past 6 days, I have touched my laptop just once for around 5 minutes. It is by far the longest I have stayed away from my sweetheart. (Ahem, I mean my laptop). πŸ™‚

After wrapping our work there, we had a full 12 hours before our flight back to Dubai. So we used it wisely. We did the most brilliant thing. I asked the driver of the rented taxi about the places worth visiting in the near vicinity. I had already told him that I wanted to visit the ISKCON temple. So it was decided that we would visit the Bannerghetta National Park in the afternoon and then proceed to the temple in the evening.

Since I had no time to research anything regarding the Park, whatever was waiting for us at the National Park was a surprise. And it turned out to be a pleasant one indeed. This is the third safari I have been to in India. During the other trips, I had the opportunity only to see some deers and peacocks (aka a total waste). The ones in Thekkadi and Ooty were in Jeeps. This was in a bus, with proper grills. In many ways it reminded me of the Night Safari in Singapore. In fact , I think these animals were a lot closer to us in comparison.

The way the animals were resting on the road side as if ready to welcome us was amazing. They must be used to bus by now, as none of them looked suspicious or harassed about our presence there. The photography from the bus was a tricky issue. The grills on the outside of the bus prevented easy shots. Thankfully I had taken my Β point and shoot camera instead of the DSLR. In a packed bus, standing up to take a pic was also not a possibility for me. So the animals that we saw on the other side of the road could not be photographed either.

Every zoo experience, leaves me with the guilt of watching animals in captivity. But somehow , the dense forest that these animals are sheltered in really made it look as though they were quite at home there. Β The entrance to each part of the park is well guarded with two gigantic gates each. We enter through one gate which closes behind us, before the next one opens to let us enter that part of the park. It was something new for me. I only wish I could photograph them. Not an easy task when riding in a bus with grills and on kachcha roads.

The other thing about the trip was that it was
the first time the hus and I were alone on a trip to a Tourist Spot. And it dawned on me that this is what trips will be like once the kids fly the coop. Suddenly the joy turns into a lump in the throat.

Photography is not allowed inside ISKCON. Click hereΒ forΒ some pictures of the animals.


23 thoughts on “A Bangalore Trip

  1. Aree, kahan se kahan pahunch gaye? From feeling good about something nice and enjoying it with hubby, straight to the empty nest? *shakes head*

    Empty nest only assails those women (and men) who make their children the sole focus in their lives. The rest of us can easily let go and enjoy their successes and our lives with the most contended sigh. Believe me, it is true πŸ™‚


  2. Arre you idiot! My house is on the way to the National Park. We could have met. We take a lot of pride in our weather and our National Park. Did you visit the Butterfly park too?


  3. Hello.
    Sometimes, we need to take time away from our everyday stresses of life to relax and refresh our minds, bodies and souls. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Nice photos too…my favorite was the white tiger. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you can make the next Lovers’ Cove Challenge on July 26th!

    You Make My Eyes Beautiful


    • Very True Andy. It’s vacation time here. But I will try and join in the next challenge. πŸ™‚ Sorry for the delay in replying, your comment went into spam.


      • Dear Jyothi,
        How dare Google place me in spam! Don’t they know who I am! – no, just kidding! LOL
        Each week over at my blog, I spotlight the blogs of four followers as Featured Follower of the Week. Well, guess what? You have been selected this week. Come on over and claim your little prize here…


  4. hmmmmmm well a day wel lspent then , I did not see any of these places and i spent a week in bangalore 😦 silly me .. and now i find all these places that I should have visited.

    I will probably be there in august again for some time


  5. enjoy the moment as it comes so what if kids are not along with you, i am sure going back you all will have a great time together, Insha Allah πŸ™‚


  6. Bannerghatta used to be our favourite trip out of the city in our childhood. Went there once in a while when we were in college too. Chumma πŸ˜€

    Been to ISKON temple just once and was awed.


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