What inspires me…


What can I blog about?

1. My Garden? – Done it already, and nothing much has changed to update on it. I will wait for the winter and for flowers to bloom to click more pictures of it.

2. My Home? – Well, it is not exactly a palace that I can photograph and describe it to the smallest detail. It is home with all things necessary to make it comfortable and maybe a notch luxurious too.

3. My Cooking? – I have blog for this. Which has seen its ups and downs and has been neglected for ages. I have photographed all my Sadhya Dishes to add in there. I just can’t get myself to sit and type out the recipes for those. 😦

4. Myself? – Really? I can’t brag about myself anymore. There is a limit na?

5. My Photographs? – I have a blog for these too. And I think this is the only department, that is still not shutdown completely. I do love to click pictures still. πŸ™‚

6. My Poetry? – I guess I have to put myself in an extremely sad mood with ghazals to come up with poetry. I have written a few here and here.

7. My Hobbies? – I watch movies and read books and I have reviewed a few them here too. Actually in my old blog there were a whole lot of them. Which I unfortunately deleted.

8. My Work? – No way I am going to write about my work. No way whatsoever! Phew! Even the thought scares me. By the way, I work out of my home, so no office gossip and anecdotes to share either. 😦

9. My Quotes? – Well, that Gyan I already impart on a regular basis here. So whats new in that?

10. My kids? – Β I used to write about them, but now that those cute things they used to do are all things of the past, it is no longer fun. Moreover, what if they sue me in the future for defaming them? You never know!

11. My Hubby? – I have been told not to Husband Bash in public by a certain somebody. What else can I talk about him? Need to keep the blog kid friendly and civil you see. πŸ™‚

12. My friends? – Nope, no way in hell I am going to write random things that seemingly are not about anybody in particular , but actually are. No, I am not the revengeful type. Can’t you see the Halo on my head?

So I have given you a dozen reasons why I am not inspired to write a post. Could you please suggest one thing that can inspire me to get back to my totally awesome blogging self? Pretty Please….


20 thoughts on “What inspires me…

  1. Well there you go you managed to write a post..

    I am the last person to inspire anyone ao I wont give any ideas..
    But let me be brave you can always write about what yoi read, of any article u liked or a blog , or or take up some tags…


    • Hmm.. I guess I can get inspired after reading articles and posts, but I am afraid that I might blamed for being a copy cat then! πŸ™‚

      Arre…koi tag kare to kuch likhoon… πŸ™‚


    • Yes Irfan, the job is done. πŸ™‚ How can I continue in this loving, caring and understanding blogging world of friends if I don’t blog! You see my dilemma! πŸ™‚


  2. Jyothi, there are many bloggers who write on burning social issues. You don’t have to be one more unless you wish your views to be heard. You have a creative mind and write well in good style. Why don’t you try your hand at short stories? They are so stimulating giving free rein to your imagination and would hurt none. A good plot on varied genre with a twist or surprise end would do the trick. You will get hooked to it like an artist with his paintings or a designer with his apparels. There are not many in this field. Think about it.


    • Short Story writing is an art. I have tried my hand at it too. But that is a field that needs real inspiration. And that is what is lacking in me now. About burning social issues, well, you are right , there is no point in writing about them unless you really plan to be heard and to be taken seriously. I am not interested in either of these, yet! πŸ™‚


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