Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

This has been captured from a bouquet I received today. Yes, these made my day. Yellow roses are my favourite and this bouquet was wrapped beautifully too. These stand in a vase on my coffee table where I am sure they will easily last a week. And every single minute of the week that these adorn my sitting room, they will spread happiness and cheer. That is the power of flowers.

I have been asked why I love to click flowers. And that too in close ups. The reason is quite simple. Where I live, you hardly see greenery and flowers. And even if you do, it would be in a park or garden. The weather here is just cooling down for welcoming the winters.Hopefully, I will be able to click more pictures this time.

Yellow roses stand for Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight and a Promise of a new beginning. So I have heard and read.  On the other hand Yellow Roses with Red Tips represent Friendship or Falling in love.  Courtesy : Morrison Colours.

Image *** ©whatmycameracaptures ***


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