Red Fort , New Delhi

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I am supposed to have visited Red Fort a long time ago, on my first ever visit to New Delhi ,way back in 1996. But since then , on every visit, I have seen the Red Fort only while driving around it. I never really thought that entering the fort can be such an awesome experience.

The place is amazing especially when you have a guide with you who explains all the details of the Palace. It felt great being able to stand where the powerful Mughal Emperors once ruled. The places where the kings lived, the queens lived, where the peacock throne once was , along with the Kohinoor Diamond. The empty holes on the walls from where precious gems and stones were removed and shifted off to faraway lands. The wealth and prosperity of a bygone Indian Era. I had the opportunity of being a part of that era, albeit through its remains and memorabilia. I did not enter the various museums inside the fort due to time constraints.

Photography of the front of the fort was not possible on this visit. There was maintenance in progress and the sight was not a perfect one. And add to it the heat and the irritability that comes with it. Although I clicked plenty of pictures, none of them brings out the real beauty of the place.

We did end up visiting Red Fort this year on the same day when the current Indian President was sworn in. I guess that will remain as a part of my history.

The entry into the fort, goes through the Meena Bazaar. The palace dancers shopping area back in the Mughal Era. The shops there have been handed down though generations. And as per the guide, they pay a rent of Re.1 even today.

Hundreds of years old Banyan Tree caught my eye too. 🙂

Red Fort , New Delhi – Images *** ©whatmycameracaptures ***


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