Global Village 2011


There is a Global Village setup here every year for the past 15  years. It is place where different countries put up pavilions representing their country and inside those pavilions they display the wonderful items that are specific to their countries. The Stalls include food stalls, activities and games even. Outside the Pavilions the place is full of food stalls of every kind. Thai fruits and the recently introduced Potato Twisters are the most famous among them. You will see multiple stalls of the same kind all over the place.

We generally visit the place towards the end of the year, as the weather here is perfect at that time of the year. I don’t think I have ever been able to cover all the pavilions any time. I go into a few and spend time looking around and before you know it, it is time for getting back home. It is more or less a fair at a very large scale. Cultural programs are also arranged there. Sometimes in the common areas and sometimes inside the pavilions.

Indian Pavilion is definitely a must see. The design of the Pavilion changes every year. Once it was made to resemble the Charminaar, once the Red Fort, India Gate or some palace, monument etc. The Global Village 2011 Indian Pavilion was made to represent Kerala.

The weather, the food, the games, the entertainment and the general festival feeling makes a visit to the Global Village a must for anyone Visiting the UAE. And for the residents, it is a total family evening well spent and thoroughly enjoyed.


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4 thoughts on “Global Village 2011

  1. This looks like the country pavilions in Disney World. It is good that the theme of the country is changed yearly. I was struck by the kathakali mask stuck at the entrance. In the absence of the real thing, this is very good. I am glad you have the opportunity to familiarise the children with our arts and culture.


    • Thank you Zephyr for the visit and the comment. I do hope you know that this is the same old Jyothi, just on a new travel/photography blog. 🙂 Which Disney Land are you referring to? I have visited the one in Paris, and yes it is kind of similar in its theme. 🙂


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