Orange Remains…


I wouldn’t have noticed her if it weren’t for her sandals. She got down from the front seat of a Tavera that double parked in front of our car. I was waiting for my husband to return from the store. He had to collect a watch that had needed repairs. I am not sure if it was the black tees and extremely mini black shorts that caught my attention first. Her complexion was in total contrast to what she was wearing. She even had a black handbag to go with the outfit. Then why would she wear orange sandals with a green bow with this entirely black royal look?

The thought refused to leave my mind and I unwilling let my eyes follow her. She crossed over to the other side of the road with ease. Most women from Philippines , whom I have met so far ,always walk around with another girl or guy friend or in groups. And I have rarely seen any of them keep quiet. This one had a serious “I hate nonsense” look on her face. Add to it the aloofness with which she got out off the car, without even smiling at the person who dropped her!

I couldn’t get a glimpse of the person on the driver’s seat. The mystery woman also vanished into an inside alley between the buildings. Soon my husband came back from the store and we came back home.

The page 2 article in the newspaper today was about the murder of a young girl in the street close to ours. It had happened the previous evening. Due to the horrific nature of the crime only the feet were visible in the published picture of the victim.

And there amongst the remains of a horrendous crime lay one of those very same orange sandals with green bow that caught my eyes the day before. Shivers went down my spine as I thought of the face of the woman, which now I am sure will never leave my mind….

**** Orange Remains is A Work of Fiction, at least most parts of it *******

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16 thoughts on “Orange Remains…

  1. Jyothi! This is just too much! First you give us a near heart attack and next you are saying it was fiction – that too most part?! Just too good!

    You should seriousely consider writing mystery series…


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