Ras Al Khaimah


A trip to Ras Al Khaimah that is going to remain in my memory for years to come. That is how I would describe my Eid Al Adha Holiday getaway this year.

It is not more than 1.5 hour drive to Ras Al Khaimah from Dubai. RAK is yet another emirate in the United Arab Emirates. It is not the first time I have visited the place. The reason behind that is quite simple. I have lived here in Dubai since 1980. I have been to all the emirates here. The only difference is , I didn’t have the convenience to photograph the places or chronicle them on a blog or website. Now this is a new experience for me, and though I already love travelling, this new passion for photography has made that into a deeper obsession.

I have always chronicled all events of my life into photographs. Some have been lost during the course of time, some are etched in memory and are not even required to be on a canvas of any kind. Every holiday, every festival, every birthday, every occasion/event in school has been photographed. Happy faces make a perfect Portrait. I wish to God I had my DSLR in those days. Those memories would have been more colourful and more detailed and everlasting.

I am on the road to making new memories and celebrating new occasions. Portraits are not something that I really enjoy taking these days. Landscapes , now that is something that no one will ever tire of. Flowers, birds, animals, random objects that fascinate me, my camera captures all of them. And I reproduce them here and on my facebook page.

Now getting back to the topic, my RAK trip. Some photos of the same have been added here. 🙂



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