Spider Lily


During a trip to Bengaluru (Bangalore), India last year, I had the opportunity and was in the mood of clicking pictures of flowers. This is something that you can easy do in Bangalore, because it is , after all, known as the “Garden City”. But the flowers I captured were not from any common gardens there. Some of them were clicked from Private Gardens of friends and some from the hotels we have stayed in.

This particular photo of the Spider Lily was clicked while we were enjoying a view from the terrace of one of the hotels we were staying in. Yes, there was a beautiful terrace garden with a gazebo too. The odd shape and its tentacles caught my eye. This is the first time I have come across a flower like this and I had to do a bit of “googling” to find out its name.

Spider Lily

Spider Lily

Spider Lily is the common name for a number of different plant species within the family Amaryllidaceae which belong to the following genera:

  • Crinum, a genus of about 180 species of perennial plants found along the sides of streams and lakes in tropical and subtropical areas worldwide, including South Africa
  • Hymenocallis, a genus of plants in the family Amaryllidaceae
  • Lycoris (plant), a genus of 13–20 species of flowering plants in the family Amaryllidaceae, formerly often treated in the family Liliaceae

Spider Lily Information Courtesy : Wikipedia 

Spider Lily Image :  ©whatmycameracaptures

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10 thoughts on “Spider Lily

  1. I have one that looks similar to the picture that is called a Peruvian daffodil. Not sure why it is called that as it is a lily. I also have a rare Cahaba lily that I have planted in a spot that gets rain from a downspout off of the barn.


    • I just googled images for ‘Peruvian Daffodils’ and “Cahaba Lily”. Yes, they are very similar. Some call them ‘Basket flowers’ too. I would love to be able to grow these, but the climate here will never allow it.

      Thank you for the visit and the comment.


  2. Nice. I don’t know u noticed it or not . It have a nice smell too .You can get its smell in the morning , In my childhood days , there is a mango tree in the corner of our home and it have a special type mango ( muthukudiyan) .You may didnt experience it .We can suck its juice directly from the mango itself . near to the mango tree , lots of this plant and I remember those days when I saw this 🙂


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  4. Very nice photo. I have a few spider lily bulbs that I plant out in pots in the spring here in Cincinnati. They always get admired for their beauty. Thank you for the link to my Toad Lily Post.


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