Sky Watch Friday 1


I have participated in SkyWatch Friday before too. But this is the first time from this blog. So it is Sky Watch Friday 1 for me again.

I love clicking images of the sky and they never fail to amaze me. This was clicked yesterday morning from inside of a car.  I guess you can call it a part of the Sunrise. This was clicked at 7:00 am here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I wish I could get the sun to pose in the center of the frame , but sadly I have no such influence on him. 🙂

I never expected to see the sun in this form at 7 am in the morning, and hence did not have a DSLR in hand. This is taken using my handy iPhone 4. I hope I get to see more such beautiful mornings here and will be able to share them with you.

The feeling was amazing and hence it is captured and shared. A frozen moment in time! Happy Skywatching.

Skywatch Sunrise

Skywatch Sunrise

For more images of the sky, click here.


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