A Visit to Shangri La ,Muscat


It is not normal for me to accompany the husband on his trips to Oman. He goes at least twice in a month there and I like always stay back with the kids. This time he somehow ended up booking a room in Shangri La, Muscat. So I guess a visit to Shangri La , Muscat was in cards for me. I generally never ask to tag along, but I had seen this resort from afar on a previous trip to Muscat, and I had secretly had a desire to spend a day there. It is indeed a beautiful place. Walking along the shoreline of the beach in the evening was the highlight of my stay there. I witnessed quite a lot of interesting things and met quite a lot of interesting people too.

Honestly, I do love my husband, but at times it happens certain things are enjoyed better in Solitude. So as I was left alone to wander around in the resort, I used my iPhone 5 to its fullest potential. It has given me some wonderful pictures and what is more special about these memories is that they are just mine. Only I was a witness to its beauty at that point in time. Everyone was either in the pool or beach or on a horse or camel or sipping a drink at one of the restaurants.

I managed to cover less than half of the resort during that walk. Partly because I have a bad back and wouldn’t trust it to let me walk for hours together and partly because I was afraid of getting lost. Or maybe plain laziness, or the fact that at that point all I wanted to do was to grab a book and relax and read a book while sipping hot coffee, before the sun sets. So I made my way back to my room, got my book and headphones and settled for some music and reading on a beach chair to welcome the dusk. It was pure bliss, if I have ever experienced one. The privacy midst the crowd is what amazed me the most. No one to trouble you and no one to judge. I got a few nods, smiles and hellos from a few gentlemen. But I guess I can take that as a compliment. Right?

Here are the pictures. Some of them taken using my Canon 550D and most of them through my iPhone 5. I am sure it will be difficult to make out Β the difference. They all look beautiful to me. Every single one of these brings back the blissful feeling. So the pictures and a visit to Shangri La, Muscat , are going to remain personal favourites for a very long time.

Click on any image to open up the Gallery. πŸ™‚

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7 thoughts on “A Visit to Shangri La ,Muscat

  1. That was wonderful Jyoti! Even I sometimes like to savour sights and moments alone while travelling. Do people actually play those giant board games? The sunrise pics (all three of them) were my favourites. Waiting for that Istanbul post now!


    • Yes they do play these boards. I was lucky enough to capture just the game boards and not the half naked people. πŸ™‚

      Thank You Zephyr. Istanbul one coming soon. πŸ™‚


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