Happy New Year

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New Year Demands a New look! Don’t you think so?

As usual I have failed to keep a promise. Or let us call it a Resolution. I was to stay offline till April 2013. Didn’t happen! Surprise! Surprise!

Just like the year, I too have changed a bit. I am thinking (Yes, I do that sometimes) that it is for the better. And to tell you the truth when I left blogging since Dec 24th, I was totally blank in terms of topics to write. And all in all I had a very negative approach to everything.

In my life negativity and postivity phases have always alternated. Now I plan to be positive for a long long time this time. Only positive, happy posts and inspirations.

Just like the look of the blog, I intend to change its type of content too. Going to try and maintain a standard for my posts so that you all will come back to read me At your own free will, rather than through my updates ( read constant nudging) through FB and Twitter. Yes, I am turning a new leaf.

As I sat down beside my son (who is doing his prelims now) while he was preparing for his board exams in April, I realised what I have been missing all these years, staying away from his studies and school work. Even now I am just here to give him a moral support and am not actively involved in his studies. He just needed a bit of organising. I helped him with that.

While I sat there beside him playing games on my smartphone and tablet, a whole lot of blogging ideas popped into my head. The fool that I am , I forgot to note them down. But then I realised that all is not lost. I still have some ideas for writing in me. I am hoping I can bid farewell to blogger ‘s block for a long long long time now. 🙂

With the recent happenings around the world and especially in India, the mood and the spirit had died. But life has to go on. No matter what, no matter how. And these what and how are what my posts will now comprise of. I am promising a post every Monday morning, if God Permits. Yes, I am planning to organise my blogging schedule and my blog reading schedule too. I am working on something that will help me access all my fav blogs at one place. Once that is done, I shall be a regular on your blogs. This I promise. 🙂

Wish me luck, as I start fresh again. I mean, kind of.

Here’s wishing all my lovely friends  A Very Happy New Year.

I am sure this smile is here to stay. And I hope you are smiling too.:)

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