The Story of a dead Cabbage!


Vegetables have a life too. This is the story of a dead Cabbage! We are not being fair to them. How many of you have encountered this question from your child?

I am curious to know what makes a five year old ask so many questions! Being the egoistic person I am, it is mandatory that I answer my kids to the best of my knowledge. Would I be ridiculed if my child says to someone in school or otherwise that her mom didn’t know the answer to even simple questions? Yes, indeed I would have been, at that point in my life at least. Having the kids ask you impossible to answer questions is a very common phenomenon. Children with all their innocence and love sometimes leave us speechless with such queries. In the sixteen years as a parent, what has always fascinated me is the enthusiasm with which the kids come with new questions to bother us.

I had been embarrassed when my son innocently asked me a question about a very personal choice a few years ago. And yes, he had an opinion and he had judged me at that point too. His question followed a discovery that he was born the year after I graduated from college. He asked me the dates and the years and came to the conclusion that I was indeed fast in producing babies! His exact words were, “WOW! That was fast!”. I am so glad he didn’t add, “What was the hurry?”.

Certain questions like these are better left unanswered. There is no surprise to the fact that I was stumped. But I had to give him an answer. I said, “I wanted to have you as soon as possible”, and planted a kiss on his forehead. I didn’t know that my younger one was listening into the conversation. She asked, “So you didn’t want me first? Why?”.

Did I say I was stumped before? I was floored now. What was I to say to this now? Was it my choice, was it in my hands? I gave her a tight hug and said, ” I wanted to have a little girl who will remain a baby always to me, so you came second.”ย Phew! Not really sure if I made any sense to them or not, I fled from the scene at the quickest possible pace.

When my daughter learnt from school that plants have life too, she refused to eat the cabbage dish. Explaining the food chain to a 5 year old is easy, it really is. Especially when you have already encountered tougher questions in the past!

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12 thoughts on “The Story of a dead Cabbage!

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    • Ha ha… I am waiting for that day too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Revenge Time. Maybe I will add some questions into the little ones’ mind to create more trouble. (Totally Wicked Grin on my face)


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