Skywatch Friday 3


Even on vacation trips I am on the look out for beautiful skies, just so that I can post it as Skywatch Friday. And this one is my Skywatch Friday 3.

The weather in Istanbul was perfect for tourism. It did rain on one of the days that we were there and it did make me hide my camera for the day, but it definitely did not dampen the spirit. We were on a bus tour that day and the group that we ended up was a good one. Different Nationalities and different backgrounds, yet keeping a look out for each other, so that no one misses a sight or gets lost in the ocean of sightseers. That is the best part of such tours. You end up making friends even if it is just for the day.

Although the view from the Galata Tower was mesmerising, it is the sky that as usual fascinated me. So here are a few pictures from our first evening in Istanbul, just before the sunset and the lovely evening sky colours took over and made the atmosphere as romantic as ever. We found many couples cuddling in front of cameras , we clicked a few too and retreated into the cafe to have coffee and hot chocolate with our kids.

The view shows the Galata Bridge that leads to the Historical part of European Part of Istanbul, Bosphorous and the Golden Horn.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower

Istanbul Sky 1

Istanbul Sky 1

Istanbul Sky 2

Istanbul Sky 2



For more pictures of the sky, click here.

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