Idli addiction


I recently discovered about my Idli Addiction! I didn’t realize I was addicted to idlis! I always considered myself a dosa fan. Life without Dosas is unthinkable to me. All diets be damned! How is a person like me to survive without idlis and dosas?

Till date I have not had the need to go on without these. My mom always made these at home while I was growing up. My kids love these , so I make them too. Just so that we don’t put on weight, we decided that we will have these only on weekends. Which is a total of 5 days a week without such heavy breakfast. Worked well for two weeks of school. Then the winter vacation happened! We were back on our putting on weight diet. Sigh!

We were in India for a short visit. Since we were staying at our home and the kids were not with us, we decided on cornflakes breakfast alternating with bread, jam and eggs. Everything went smoothly until we had to face a buffet breakfast at a kochi hotel on the fourth day morning!

There were varieties of breakfast items on display. Huge varieties of pastries and breads, rolls, eggs, upma, puttu, corn flakes and everything that a good buffet breakfast serves. During such buffets I never choose Idlis or Dosas. I stick to Pancakes, French toasts and such stuff that are not generally part of our breakfast menu.

That morning my plate contained beautiful white idlis with tomato and coconut chutneys along with a bowl of Sambhar. I couldn’t help giggle when I saw that the hubby’s plate looked identical to mine.

The point is, they were serving varieties of dosas freshly made in front of us and  we chose idlis. So, I know what to say if someone asks me what is the one food that I can’t live without.  Idli Addiction. Do I need a rehab? A revelation indeed!

So, what’s your addiction?

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10 thoughts on “Idli addiction

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  4. That’s a first one :)( idli addcition.. but idlies are low in calories too… steamed and all thought can’t be said the same for dosas 🙂 I love south indian too thought not to the level of addiction.


  5. for me it has always been Dosa’s..idli I always find bland!!!
    In fact I churn out lovely dosas but when it comes to idli I dunno why but they never come out perfect 😦


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