Thursday Challenge 2


Yaay ! My Thursday Challenge 2 is out ! He he

THEME : THE BEST OF 2012 (A photo/event you liked best in 2012,…)

We happened to lunch at the Orient Express in Istanbul during one of the arranged tours. These photos were taken using an iPhone during the meal. I cannot say that I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, because I am not much of a food experimenter. But the hubby and son loved the meal. I enjoyed the dessert the best. Even the cake was Orange flavoured. It was the only Turkish meal we had on this trip. The ambience of the place and the history attached to it, makes it a memorable event.

The food was served in these four courses. Accompanied by Bread and Drinks. It was a totally different experience for me because I generally stick to fast food joints while on holiday. Or maybe survive on biscuits and juice. Like I said, I am not much of a Foodie that way.

Turkish Food

Turkish Food



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