Love is


“I don’t believe in love anymore.” “Love is ….”

I have heard many people say this. It has made me wonder why!

Maybe they have been burnt in love once too often. Or maybe life just never gave them an opportunity to experience love.

What exactly is love? This question seems to haunt me at all times. No, I am not saying that I do not know what is love. I just want to know what exactly people who say the above statements, refer to love as.

Think about this for a while. A dozen red roses, a pack of chocolates, a piece of jewelry or a big huge red teddy bear. Which of these do you think will make you the happiest?

Even while in school, I have seen boys give chic looking girls boxes of ferrero rocher chocolates. I have seen some others receive bouquets and cards too. It always made me wonder, where do they hide these? Do they go home and proudly show it to their parents?

While in college, I had noticed much less of such extravagant gestures. I attribute it to the fact that while in hostel, most people are on tight budgets. And a few extremely good ones consider it a sin to waste parent’s money on gifts for a girl or a boy. In those days cards were the most common ways of expressing your feelings.

In this age of Facebook affairs and instant breakups, do young people still invest money on love? I wonder! With every passing Valentine’s Day, my belief in this kind of display of love is depreciating. Or , May be I am just getting old.

I see red everywhere these days. Flower shops, gift shops, supermarkets and even stationary shops. At every signal I see ads of jewelry shops with beautiful looking heart shaped pendants. Commercialism at its best.

I have nothing against buying and gifting your loved ones with some kind of token of love. There is nothing wrong with it, if it is coming out from your own pocket and not from your pocket money.

If this commercial display is what love is, then I don’t believe in love anymore either.

Do you?

P.S : People with own pockets please continue to purchase solitaires. They are indeed a woman’s best friend.  For the others, stick to cards or even eCards. Love is not supposed to be expensive at all. Just Saying…

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Valentine’s Day. Stay Blessed….

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7 thoughts on “Love is

  1. The funda has indeed changed Jyothi 🙂 the commercialization started happening when I was in college and now I think it has reached its pinnacle…. may be I am also getting old 🙂


  2. Ask any young thing.The Valentine fervour is still at its peak.True Valentine day has been exploited by commercial entities and what is wrong if they enter where there is a demand for gift items be they cards,perfumes,jewelry or even tinsel.
    As one grows older with spouse and kids, V Day looks amusing.


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