An Error Code


An Error Code is generated each time we do something wrong in programming. Sometimes the event that triggered the error would be a very minute one, but it could effect the output to a great extent. Sometimes it takes days to debug the code and find out what exactly went wrong. To find out at which point the syntax was wrong, at which point the logic was flawed, or at which point the loop was in disarray. Thats what makes the virtual world so cool. It’s flaws can be logged , debugged and corrected.

What if life had one such compiler or Interpreter too? What if our events were logged and saved into a database for future reference? What if memories could really be erased? What if a clean slate or a fresh start was a possibility?

I have seen quite a few movies wherein people have been able to wipe out other people’s memories. Either through machines and wires connected to them or telepathically. I am not referring to the ones who lose their entire memory through amnesia. Or maybe we can call it selective Amnesia. A chance to remove only certain events or memories from the mind.

Once there is a flaw in life, how much ever we try to find a go around for it, a point will be reached when we come face to face with the error again. Until that error is caught and corrected, the final output will always be lacking the desired outcome. Imagine being able to sit in front of a computer and searching for the error , finding it and correcting it. If a solution is not possible, then there would be a delete option to remove that part of the memory. Life would take a new turn or at least, the memory that holds you back from achieving greater heights would be deleted and a fresh start could be made.

The only problem with such translators for life is that, one person’s right could very well be the other person’s wrong. So there are not much chances of finding a solution to the problem. When it comes to life, the syntax , logic and the continuity are based on a lot of parameters. A single person himself/herself is never living on his own. There are external factors that effect him/her. In such cases, the delete button can come in quite handy. Remove the memory and empty the trash and along with it the stench of a past that lingers on your every present.

It is best to leave the Past where it is. In the Past. Bringing it into the Present can ruin the Future for you. Time heals like nothing else can. Memories do get forgotten. Good and Bad. But we are not so lucky with certain memories. Some have a way of coming back to you like a flash of lightening and leaves you in a frozen state, at least for a few seconds. It holds you back at times. The only way to deal with such memories is to bring them out one day and stand face to face with them and decide whether you want to debug that memory or delete them. Find a closure for that event. Find the reasons, find the flaws, find out ways to overcome the fear that event has instilled in you. Only then can you move ahead in life. Excess Baggage always weighs you down. Get rid of it, for a healthy and fruitful life.

We need to be our own Interpreters and Compilers. We need to once in a while do a cache clean up too. Minds clogged with useless memories, can rarely be a pensive for fresh thoughts and ideas. The mind stagnates. Make amends and debug your life, before the stench from the stagnation takes control of your life and leaves you feeling worthless.

It is not easy to do so, but we must try and start each day with a clean and fresh mind. A clean slate. On which a new memory can be imprinted with lot more happier thoughts. Happiness is from within, and so is sadness. The state of mind is the reflection of the memories it carries. Create happy ones each day, so that the sad ones get replaced and deleted each time our cache is cleared. Experiences that have taught us valuable lessons must vanish too. But the lessons must remain. Experience is the best teacher, the lessons they teach are locked up safe. And it runs every time we boot up our minds in the morning.

Remember to empty trash from your minds each night, and to add in lessons learnt into your boot sequence for the next day. Life can only be lived forwards. And it has to be lived to the fullest. If not, then it is a wasted life indeed!


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