Bus Stop Memories


I remember, ages ago, back in the school days, the wait for the school bus was one of the most important events of the day. Bus stop memories are truly the imprinting kind. In fact, it used to be such an important event, that, even now I dream about missing the bus and running to catch it at its next stop. At that point in time, my dad used to leave home earlier than us, and missing the bus meant, missing school. Finding a taxi at 6:30 am was not an easy task. Which was not a problem at all for me. No big deal, I thought. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t agree. So I still get nightmares of “missing the bus” ritual. I still remember the route the bus took. And I still remember the smell of fresh bread from a bakery en route school.

School buses are a treasure trove of stories. Gossips, fights, secrets and a whole lot of free entertainment. The girls and the boys, the seniors and the juniors have their own designated seats. And catching seat for your then best friend is no longer important. I guess, children are far more mature these days than should be.

My kids get into the bus at 6:30 am too on school days. There is only one another child from their stop here. My kids are in senior school and obviously have different seating areas from the KG boy who gets in from the same stop. He and his cheerful mother are always a lovely sight in the morning. I watch them from my balcony and remember the good old days in Abu Dhabi, when I used to wait beside my babies at the bus stop when they started school. The boy is an extremely loving child. He showers the mom with kisses and vice versa regularly.

My daughter says, he wakes up this early in the morning only to accomplish one major event of his day. And that is to overtake (her) didi (elder sister) and (my son) Bhaiya(elder brother) and be the first one to enter the bus. I am not sure if he will remember this ritual when he grows older. But I am sure my kids and I will never forget. Today, he almost screamed when my daughter acted as though she was about the enter the bus before him. He was too busy playing with a kid from another school. He ran and climbed into the bus with a happy triumphant expression when his didi gave him way.

Today is an unusually cool morning here in Dubai. My daughter has gone to get her answers papers of her final exams that got over last week. And my son has a week more of board exams left. That’s about all that is happening at my end. Do share with me how you have been too. And maybe share a few bus stop memories too. πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Bus Stop Memories

  1. Aah! Bus stop memories!!! I remember, back in Gorakhpur when we used to wait for bus in winters we used to judge how dense the fog is or how a did used to tell me the story of movies that she had watched!!! Of how immediately after entering the bus we frenz wud exchange notes on what is in our tiffins πŸ˜€ CHildhood!!!

    And that little guy is so cute!!!


  2. Oh how sweet a post! You have taken me a few years back down memory lane when my kids were with me. I would drop them at the bus stop and again bring them back in the afternoon. Yes, there are quite a few bus stop memories, mostly fond. Thanks for reminding.


    • There was a time, when I used to go and drop the kids in school and bring them back too. And there were carpools too. But my kids always preferred using the bus. And I don’t blame them at all. It is a fun event.


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  4. Like you even I have bus stop memories
    Not only school or college ones but also my office bus/ van memories
    There used to be a turmeric powder factory in the bend and smell used to be heavenly . And I also used to watch out for the hunk at the 4th stop πŸ˜‰ if he missed the bus I used to think shit πŸ˜‰
    Nice post btw
    Remembered many things


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