Partner in Crime

It is cold today as was yesterday,
the heat is still in bearable degrees.
We see some beautiful flowers today too,
and a few blossoming trees.

Yellow Flowers


Life, a short while from now,
will be a cool drink after another.
The dehydrated souls that we are,
with a thirst for more than just water.

A beautiful Gardenia blooms today,
will die soon from the heat above.
It stands in glory all day today,
And leaves its fragrance around.
Tomorrow these plants and trees,
Will try hard to keep their greens.
We keep feeding them more water,
As the sun increases its shine.

Life may seem at times like this,
And we do need more care.
This feeling too shall pass by,
Leaving behind a scare.

Within moments the scare vanishes,
A flower dances as the sun smiles.
The very same sun that gave it pain,
Is now its partner in crime.

Pics Courtesy : What My Camera Captures ( My photography Page – Please “Like” it 🙂 )
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