May Photo A Day 6


May Photo A Day 6 is here and I am trying to post a photo everyday on this blog. Hope you like it . :)

The Sixth Prompt: Broken

This is more or less like a confession. I threw this headphones onto the floor in a fit of anger. More than the actual broken product, what this broke was a heart that took pride in being able to maintain calm under any kind of pressure.

This can be repaired with a little effort. But I don’t intend to. This will stay on as a reminder about what anger can do. The product can be repaired, but the feeling that such anger and actions hurt can rarely be repaired. At times we take people for granted. We think that whatever we do they will stick by us. But scars created by such hurt feelings of a broken heart will always remain. They cannot be mended completely ever.

This one will remain as a souvenir of the day I discovered the “Angry Old Woman” in me. And this hopefully will help me let her stay inside, or help her calm down, for as long as I live.

Broken Earphones

Broken Earphones

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25 thoughts on “May Photo A Day 6

  1. When angry, I also have the urge to throw something which will fall with a loud bang. But I stop myself from doing it every time. I quickly get angry but most of the times, I hold myself back from doing a temporary (materialistic) or permanent (relationships) damage.


    • Thats good Reema. I try my best now too. I don’t get angry that easily. But when I do, I cause more harm to myself than others. I have now realised this. 🙂


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