May Photo A Day 21


May Photo A Day 21 is here and I am trying to post a photo everyday on this blog. Hope you like it . πŸ™‚

The Twenty First Prompt: I care about this

This is a picture I took of the pickles I made for Vishu Sadhya this year. Ahem, this is the first time I am making pickles. I only made them to let my children know that I can make these at home too if I wanted to. While shopping for Vishu this year, I came across these Bharani’s (Earthen Pickle Jars). I remember larger versions of this in my Grandmom’s house in Kerala years ago. When we used to go for vacations in July/August, it was after the mango seasons in March. So my grandmom used to make Kaddu Manga (small tiny mangoes in dark red chilly paste) and Uppu Manga (Raw Mangoes in salt water) and store them in these large Bharanis and tie a cloth around and over the lid. They were absolutely heavenly. We used to bring jars of it back home here with us.

My kids have not seen one of these before. So I thought I shall at least show them what it is. So I made the cut mango pickle and Pullinjhi(ginger, green chillies in tamarind and jaggery paste) and put it in these. They did come out well.

Once I transferred the pickles into jars, I boiled a few amla and stored themin salt water in these jars. And these days I enjoy salted Amlas everyday. πŸ˜€

So, I care about heritage, culture and all these small things about our past. I don’t want them to die off. I am only talking about food and art and such stuff. So please don’t throw stones at me. I am not against development and changes. πŸ™‚

Bharani Pickles

Bharani Pickles

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22 thoughts on “May Photo A Day 21

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  2. Neat. I want to learn making pickles too. Unfortunately, I don’t have any traditional recipes handed down from ancestors, so I’ll just take help from my friend google! πŸ˜›


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