May Photo A Day 23


May Photo A Day 23 is here and I am trying to post a photo everyday on this blog. Hope you like it . πŸ™‚

The Twenty Third Prompt:Β Pjs/Pyjamas

Seriously? What does one do with a prompt like this? I am not the pyjama kind of person. Salwars are not pyjamas! I am not going to post pictures of those either. Well, Jokes or PJs can’t be photographed, can they? Maybe the expression on a face after delivering or encountering a PJ can be put up. But I am strictly against taking portraits of people and posting them here.

Then I remembered purchasing a pyjama two months ago. I had thought of wearing these at home. But it was a wasted purchase for two reasons. Firstly, they were way too big for me. Secondly, I understood that I can’t sleep in these. I didn’t want to return these, so they are still lying around. Please don’t ask me how silly I felt clicking this photo. The things I do these days! Sheesh!

So here goes, and you do not have the permission to laugh at these PJs. They are the serious kind and don’t take such behaviour lightly! πŸ˜›



Clicked forΒ May Photo A Day. You might want to like myΒ Photography PageΒ . πŸ™‚

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