May Photo A Day 28


May Photo A Day 28 is here and I am trying to post a photo everyday on this blog. Hope you like it . πŸ™‚

The Twenty Eighth Prompt: What you’re doing now

At any given point in time, if you ask me what I am doing, most likely the answer will be “Watching TV”. Which is true most of the time. The fact is the TV runs in the background while I do my household work, blog, read and sometimes fall asleep too. If not watching movies or some useless Β TV programme, I would be listening to music. I used to study for my board exams with my walkman on. Much to the disappointment of my mom, who had completely given up on me by the time I reached 11th std.

So, I have deviated from the topic again! Surprise! I remember the first thing that my mom asked my college mate when I brought her home to stay during a holiday from the hostel. She asked Β “Does Jyothi do anything other than watch TV in the hostel?”. Yeah, no one knows me better than my mom! πŸ˜€

Watching TV

Watching TV

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18 thoughts on “May Photo A Day 28

  1. I watch TV passively 99% of the time! Husband is a TV buff… so he watches TV and while I am reading or on my laptop, I listen to whatever he is watching with occasional look on the telly. I watch only a good movie with all focus.


    • I wanted to watch Masterchef on Starplus regularly. But somewhere in between it got boring. But now again it has become interesting. Movies are only on weekends here.


  2. Neat shot. I usually don’t even remember we have a TV in the house, but I do like to watch SaReGa… and DID on Zee TV. And yes, English action movies at times, when I develop a sudden aversion to my computer.


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