June Photo A Day 5


I am doing yet another month of Daily Photo Blogging. June Photo A Day 5 is here. And I am enjoying the experience. I hope you are too. πŸ™‚

Day 5 : Environment (A charity prompt for World Environment Day)

Of late we buy fruits and rarely are able to find time to cut and eat them before they spoil and go to waste. Especially bananas that ripen up pretty quickly. The challenge has always been to buy the exact quantity of the right quality. Bananas that are already ripe, need to be bought only in the right numbers. This particular banana you see in the picture is a special variety of kerala bananas. They rarely go waste. If they become over ripe and difficult to eat raw, we can always convert them into Fried Banana Fritters or simply steam or roast them. This is what we do at home here.

But the apples and oranges( or any other fruit) meet a different fate if they spoil. I don’t make any pies or cakes out of them. So they need to be eaten raw or at least made into juice or a shake. Sometimes, the fruits lying around on the kitchen counter don’t come to mind and we end up wasting a few of them. Then we started placing them in bowls on our dining table. But who has time to actually sit at a table and have meals on working days. Then I found this fruit basket at a home centre near by . I have placed it close to the TV, since that is something that everyone watches regularly and hence will notice the fruits and they can then be saved from going into the waste bin. I guess you can say, I am trying to reduce my foodprint. I am trying to take from nature only what I need and use it wisely. Are you?

Save Fruits

Save Fruits

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17 thoughts on “June Photo A Day 5

  1. Now that is very thought provoking! We have a strict ‘don’t waste food’ policy at home, and all of us adhere to that – never buying too much, never cooking a bit extra, and always trying to finish what’s on the plate.


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