June Photo A Day 6


I am doing yet another month of Daily Photo Blogging. June Photo A Day 6 is here. And I am enjoying the experience. I hope you are too. 🙂

Day 6 : Transport 

I had actually clicked a picture of the sandy roads on the way to Oman and a truck ahead of us. That too is a perfect transport picture. But. Yes, there is always a but when it comes to choices. That picture is brown all over. Then I remembered a different kind of transport than can bring in some beauty as well. We had spend our New Year’s Eve on one such Dhow Cruise. One that day, it was impossible to click shots like this. The place was full of people. So many that I feared a stampede, if something untoward happened. I went two days ago for a walk along the creek and clicked this one. There are at least 10 dhows like this to take passengers in for a luxury cruise along the Dubai Creek, showing you the Burj Khalifa and other landmarks on the way. Because it was New Year’s eve, we got to see the firework displays too. The cruise also includes a buffet dinner and live entertainment. I have a video of one such performance on my New Year Post. Please do check it out. None of my photos came out well that day, because it was dark and I didn’t take my tripod. ( I never take out my tripod) Moreover, the dhow was moving too. These have two decks. we chose the lower deck because it rains sometimes in January here.

Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise

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11 thoughts on “June Photo A Day 6

    • he he… I have one only because I got it free with the camera as part of a promotion. I hate it. I still don’t know how to use it properly. Maybe I will need a better one someday. 🙂


    • Thank you Vidya. 🙂

      This theme does it on its own. All I have to do see set the “featured image” on every post as the required image. It is on the lower right corner of the WP editor. I am not sure if all themes have it.


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