June Photo A Day 9


I am doing yet another month of Daily Photo Blogging. June Photo A Day 9 is here. And I am enjoying the experience. I hope you are too. πŸ™‚

Day 9 : From Down Below

This Beautiful garden opened up in Dubai on Valentine’s Day this year. There are beautiful Heart shaped Archways and many more such incredibly beautiful creations in that garden. It is closed as of now. Such pretty flowers cannot be maintained during the hot summers here. They are getting ready for their next phase. This is what their website says. I am sure they will be open by Oct/Nov 2013 when the temperatures drop and winter sets in. So if you are in this part of the world in winters, please do visit this place.

This was taken from down below the array of umbrellas. Another beautiful sight. I visited this place in the day time to get some pictures. But I am sure this place would look much better in the evenings. It is perfect for a hand in hand evening walk. I only wish those flowers had a wonderful smell too. It would have been difficult to get me out of that place easily even in sunlight (migraine issue) if it smelled great in there too!

You can find more beautiful flower pictures from my visit here : Miracle garden.

Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden

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