What are you saying?


” What are you saying? ”  is for the Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 6



Did you just tell me that I am out of the team? But this is not fair! I have been very regular for the team practices. I know I was not able to make it to the last weekend practice, it was my son’s soccer match. How could I miss that?

And this weekend I got called into work due to an emergency issue. I can’t help it! Work is after all important for sustenance. I am a good player, you yourself selected me for the team. Can’t you just let me stay away from today’s practice too? I promise I will try and be more regular from now on.

What do you mean, this needs commitment? I am committed to the team. But then, I am committed to my family and work too. Isn’t life all about finding that balance. I love being on the club hockey team, and there are two more weekends before the tournament begins. Hockey is the one passion I follow. It helps me relax, and being able to play for the club is an honour. Please don’t take that away from me. I promise to be more regular.

Thank you, Sam. I knew I can count on you. You are a true friend. Talk to you later, the boss is on the other line.

There is nothing wrong with the presentation, I worked an entire week on it. It was well appreciated by the team members too. I am not sure what you find wrong with it boss. But if you think I can do a better job, I will do more work on it today. I have come in on a weekend to do just that. I am getting another call, I will get back to you boss with a better presentation soon.

Hello Susan, how is she now? Did she fall asleep? Make sure you give her the medicines on time. These seizures are causing havoc on her life. She needs that surgery, and we will get it done before her 10th birthday this December. Don’t worry dear, nothing will happen to our daughter. She is a brave girl and she will make it through this too.

George disconnects the phone, hangs onto the receiver and weeps like a child. What else can he do?  Life keeps throwing problems at him and he dodges them as best he can. He needs to work hard and save up money for his daughter’s surgery. He needs to save up for his son’s college tuition too.

Well, at least there is still hockey and his team to look forward to for the coming few weekends. Life is all about balance. And living is the act of finding that balance and maintaining sanity in the process.

Picture Courtesy : http://mrg.bz/LsH3I1

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Write Tribe Prompt

20 thoughts on “What are you saying?

  1. Indeed life is about coping with different situations to the best of one’s ability. It is a jugglery act. I always remember one thing – we cannot always change what happens in the world around us, but we can change the way we react to them. Helps me to keep my cool. 🙂

    Nice one, Jyothi.


  2. One never really knows what someone else is going through. Touching story. Wish it were fiction, but unfortunately, somewhere out there this story is a fact.


    • Like my mom used to say, “Life is not a bed of roses”. So true it is. We never realise that there are times in life, when nothing you do can change the situation and running away is not an option. All you can change is the way you react to them.


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