Small things matter


Small things matter is for the Write Prompt #7 on ” Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”

Winnie the Pooh Paris Disneyland

Winnie the Pooh Paris Disneyland

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about the glorious days of my college life. Every experience back then was a lesson learnt. Some failed friendships, wounded hearts and a plethora of other emotions that were totally new to me back then. But the impact and the influence that a certain incident had on me is so amazing that whenever I consider myself low in motivation or low in energy to even survive the very day, that incident comes back into my memory’s cache.

A friend of a friend was admitted into the hospital after a minor accident. We were a gang of 7 or 8 girls who had entered the hospital together that day. Just as we got in, all my friends ran in different directions as soon as another young patient made his way towards our direction. I was too late in reacting. By the time I understood it, I was alone in front of him, he was too close and my feet refused to move. During the sudden dispersal of my friends from the area, I heard the words “mentally unstable student”. He came forward and I smiled at him like I always do at anyone who smiles at me. He walked away with the smile still on his face.

Within seconds of his disappearance, the rest of the girls joined me again. From the short conversation that followed, I gathered that he could be dangerous. That put me into further deep anxiety mode as we entered the room of the person we has actually come to visit. As we got introduced to the patient and his friends , the mental guy makes an entry into the room. This time he has a flower in his hand. He came walking towards us. He stopped and looked at all the girls and then smiled and handed the flower to me!

I was shocked and embarrassed at the same time. After the guy left, I got the stares from everyone in the room. But nobody said anything. To this day, I wonder what made him chose me. I was told by a girl friend on the way back that day that maybe he thought I was  a nice person because I didn’t run away. When I repeated the story to another friend, he said, maybe because I was the prettiest.

I can argue on both counts. I would have ran away too, if I had known his history before that moment. And I was definitely not the prettiest in the group. Then why? Because I smiled?

Yes! It was because I smiled. It was then that I realized the worth of a smile. It can give a gift of happiness to the person receiving it. Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. I made him feel normal with a smile , unlike the others, although unknowingly, and he taught me a valuable lesson in compassion.

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26 thoughts on “Small things matter

  1. It’s always the little things that count – a smile costs nothing, but brings such joy! I’m amazed that you recalled this incident – it shows what a deep impression the experience made on you.


  2. A smile is one of the best and smallest gesture one can offer…I am pretty sure that it was the smile..he was touched that you didn’t run away. So in return a rose to symbolise his gratitude…

    The story reminded me of one incident that took place during my childhood.


  3. Good memory. Sorry for my intervention but if u dont mind use mentally challenged / disabled guy instead of mental guy. it sounded bit odd to me 😦 Didnt mean to say the article is bad but that one word caught my attention hence couldnt resist.

    Yep many get scared by them but they are actually scared by us. :Little encouragement and smiles can do wonders. I went to such schools few times on weekends and I sensed it too..
    good memory revival Jyothi !


    • Actually the guy was not disabled in anyway Afshan. He just had certain issues. He was good looking and rich too. If I remember right, it was just a depression or anxiety or something of the sort. But you know how people are, they exaggerate everything. It disturbs me at times, because I didn’t hear anything about him after that. The mental guy was the term used for him back then, so I just used that here.


      • Oh am sorry then
        My misunderstanding . Instantly when I read the word felt odd
        I appreciate u for smiling at him . A small thing can surely bring big changes no ! Kudos


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