The Final dawn


This story is an ending I have given to a story written by eight other bloggers for Tribe Whispers at Write Tribe. To know more about Tribe Whispers, read here : Write Tribe – Whispering a secret


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Jamal and his team were are at a crime scene again. The outhouse was just a small room with a massive hall area. One corner of it had a bed and a desk with a reading lamp on it. Another corner there were two cushioned single seater sofas and a center table. It looked like everything was pushed to the corners to make place for the circle that was drawn in the center of the room. The chalk powder circle had six candles spaced equally from each other.

The housekeeper’s body was found with his head chopped off from the body and the body had fallen down from a kneeling position. Right in the centre of the chalk circle. The main door to the outhouse was wide open when they reached there. The windows were tightly shut and the curtains drawn. It was almost as if there was a secret meeting happening here , the incense sticks, the aroma , the closed curtains, the candles and the final beheading.

Jamal felt a headache coming on. He hadn’t come across a more mysterious crime in his lifetime. He had thought that the housekeeper could shed some light on this mystery, but he too was dead now. That too under more mysterious circumstances. How is he going to solve this mystery now?

Meera came up to Jamal with her findings from the room. No fingerprints anywhere. That is what she said. How is that even possible? From the scene it looked as though at least 5 more people where in this room maybe less than an hour ago. She added that the head was chopped off with a clean cut. Dr. Paul was on his way to examine the body.

Vijay was still doing his work and checking the contents of the desk drawer, when Jamal walks up to him. Jamal was moving towards a piece of paper that was lying crumbled on the floor next to the desk. He picked it up and began to read.


Trishoo woke up and saw that he was in the same room that he had dreamt about earlier that day. This was the  bed that nursed him back to health on the day he was dragged in here all those years ago. He remembered Trin and he remembered Kara. But he didn’t remember anything else about that fateful day. He had no idea what to do with the sword that Trin had gifted him. He had kept it under his bed. He took it out now to take a better look at it.

He had to take it to the sunlight twice a day. That is what Trin told him. He had been doing that for years now. He left the room with the sword in his hand to take in the last strands of sunlight that day. While he was doing it, he noticed the man from before. What was his name? Dr. Kroshon… Yes. What was he doing here? His head felt faint again, like it always did when he tried to remember something. He lost his consciousness again.

When he woke up next, he was in a farmhouse somewhere. Dr. Kroshan was busy writing something at the desk. He was afraid as well as curious. He waited till the doctor left the bedroom and then he hurriedly got up to take a look at what was been written. He quickly realized that this manuscript was telling an ancient tale of some kind. As he sat down on the chair to read more, some of pieces of puzzle of his lost memory began to fall into pieces. He heard voices from the hall. It seems Dr. Kroshan had company. He remembered about the sword and got up to go searching for it.

While he was searching for his sword, he overhead a bit of the conversation in the hall. “We need to finish him off soon. We need a plan to make it look like suicide and keep the clan from knowing about us.  I am glad I finally found you Trin. I am glad I found my son. I don’t think I can hide Triton here for long.”

The lady voice replied, “But where can I take him, I hid him for three years in my home. But my nephew Kara keeps asking more and more questions everyday. And Triton was getting flashes of the past in his dreams too. He was beginning to remember the war. He was showing all signs of getting back to being the warrior he was. What if he remembers everything?”

“He doesn’t remember Aiyana, or else he would have recognized you long ago. You are her twin sister after all”, said Kruson.

“Yes, Kruson, I do recognize her now.” said Triton.“You both don’t deserve to live after what you did to my Aiyana.”, Triton marched towards Kruson with his sword in hand. There was a struggle between them. Kruson had managed to pin down Triton and sword was lying close to Trin’s feet. She picks it up , pushes Kruson onto the bed and pierces the sword into his chest.

Kruson hadn’t expected this to happen. When he noticed Trin standing above him with all the anger of vengeance in her, she realized it wasn’t Trin at all. It was Aiyana, who had managed somehow to escape from the war. She knew what Trin was upto and got rid of her and took her place and waited till Triton got his memory back.

Aiyana and Triton walk away from the scene to be with Kara, who is now the only surviving heir to the kingdom of Roul. Kruson , who had disguised as Qashif was now dead and the housekeeper who was his faithful servant and also the shadow and protector of the current Roul King , was unable to save him. The housekeeper knew what was in store for him. He knew what the punishment was for failing his duty. His clan would be visiting him soon to serve him his punishment. There was no point in trying to hide or runaway, the Rouls were a powerful lot.


It was almost a year since the dual murder took place in that Bangalore Farmhouse. Jamal had still not managed to solve either of the murders. The hype that the murders created, the mystery about the events that followed , kept Jamal awake at nights even today.

It was a case that changed his life forever. His team had since separated. Only Sashtri was still with him. One evening over a cup of coffee, both began to discuss the case again.  It made no sense to him even now.

Some things are meant to remain a secret, he thought. The Roul Dynasty still existed in Egypt even now, and a part of it is surviving here too. Of that they both were sure. But until something happens again to restart the case, they were helpless. The case was handed over to another detective from the central department. The case was closed in a hurry and declared as an unsolved mystery.


The clan is still in search of Kruson’s successor…..

Triton and Aiyana keep Kara safe from constant bloodshed and war. Till when…. only time will tell.


8 thoughts on “The Final dawn

  1. I like what you did with the story, with so little space left, unsolved case was the way to go. This story had a lot of wandering…you did a good job jyothi…color me impressed.


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