7 Favourite Vacation Photos


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A post a day for 7 days this week. Today is the third Day.

7 days and 6 nights in Switzerland 

It will be difficult for me to choose just seven pictures from my collection. But I will try. Here goes :

1. This was one of the first few photos I took in Switzerland. White as in peace. Apt I think. We landed in Zurich in the afternoon and Zurich Festival (which happens every three years) was in progress along the river Limmat, Zurich. We took the long walk along the banks of the river. It was amazing evening.

A swan

A Swan

2. The first meal in Zurich was at a Pizzeria that was walking distance from our hotel. The smoke adds an amazing flavour to the Pizzas here.

Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven

3. We stopped at Interlaken on our way to Mt. Titlis. It was a short stop, so I couldn’t see the entire town. I hear it is the best place to stay. I must try and stay there next time, God willing. Here’s a view of Interlaken.



4. The Ice Flyer at Mt. Titlis is a must not miss trip. The joy and the fear coupled with laughter of the family. Each group gets a photo taken on exit. We have one too. Of all four of us, a beautifully captured happy moment. Here is the view from the Ice Flyer ride.


5. Mt. Jungfrau was freezing cold. We were on the Top of Europe. It is an amazing feeling up there. The ride through the massive tunnels was an exhilarating experience, with temperatures dropping drastically at every viewing point. Here’s a view from the Sphinx Observation Tower. I couldn’t get more pictures, my hands were freezing when I stepped out to click this one!



6. We spent the second night in Switzerland at a hotel on top of Mt. Pilatus. I have written about this place here and here. This was indeed a wonderful experience. This is the sunrise I clicked from our hotel room.

Sunrise at Mt. Pilatus

Sunrise at Mt. Pilatus

7. The last stop was Geneva. We saw all the wonderful (ahem) banks and all the UN offices , the fountain and the flower clock. But the highlight of that trip was our trip to CERN. We couldn’t enter into the CERN Lab. But there is an exhibition hall which was open to visitors. My son had a smile on his face the whole morning that day.
Cern Exhibition

Cern Exhibition

There is no way I would have completed this challenge without a Photography post, right? So…. Did you like it?
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30 thoughts on “7 Favourite Vacation Photos

  1. Beautiful photographs jyoti. I loved No.4 & 6 ..the ice flyer at Mt. Titlis. The pic is awesome and looks so thrilling. You’ve beautifully captured the sunrise from the hotel room. It’s breathtaking.


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