7 truths of life


As part of the Festival Of Words at Write Tribe.


A post a day for 7 days this week. Today is the Fourth Day.

7 truths of life – I know I am giving too much gyan these days. 😀 

1. When is it time to quit?

 In life ,not all things happen as you want them to. Sometimes you need to quit either from a dead end job or a dead relationship. Our heart will tell us when it is time to quit. We should learn to listen to our hearts.

2. When do you feel old?

When we post a photo of “Daughter and I” on Facebook. Someone comments, “you look like classmates.” The daughter feels sad and says, “Does that mean I look old?”.    

3. When is it time to give up on your children?

Our children are not here to fulfill our unfinished dreams. They are individuals and need to be treated with respect. We can only teach them to make the right decisions. Never force our decisions on them.

4. When is it time to stop expecting?

Never expect anything from anyone. Not spouse , not children. Believe me life will go on smoothly. But if things are well below expectations, then it is time to rethink the situation.

5. When is the time to stop blaming?

There comes a phase in our life when we search for people to blame for our failures in life. We blame everyone and everything else other than ourselves. But the truth is, we ourselves are responsible for the situations that we are in.

6. When is the time to forgive?

It is time to forgive someone when living life with the hatred for the person begins to ruin our lives. The sooner we forgive the faster we can forget. 

7. When is the time to move on?

We try our best to mend broken relationships because we feel we will not survive without them. Even though the only thing that such relationships give is pain, still we ache for that known pain. When such is the situation, it is time to move on. 


37 thoughts on “7 truths of life

  1. Well thought over post Jyothi…this “gyaan” that you are giving might turn out to be helpful…it is a wonderful reminder for many…for the situation i am in…it reminded me to forgive.


  2. I can so relate to the second pointer. Few months back after my niece bday we were all relishing the pictures & sister was grilling me how” i should start eating” lecture as me and the niece looks just of the same age.
    My niece was listening & after a moment with a straight face she said…Mum do I look so mature….BULL


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