Chapter 2 : Just an evening


You might want to read  Chapter 1: Something Special .  🙂

Just an evening

Just an evening

Rama closed the door behind her after finishing her gossip session with her new neighbour friend. She went straight into the kitchen to make milk and snacks for the kids. They would be home any minute now and would start complaining. She loved her granddaughters, but at times she felt a little awkward in their presence. She had moved in with them only a year ago. It was the need of the hour and she had gladly agreed to come and live with them in Dubai.

She found Shreya humming away as she prepared tea for herself. Rama’s black tea had been prepared for her too. Rama quickly mixed the eggs and milk into a bowl and added a pinch of sugar. French toast was on menu today and she got busy with her work. She didn’t notice Shreya slip away from the kitchen.

Rama always worried about her daughter. Shreya had become a loner this past year. Only talking when spoken to and keeping herself busy with work and home. Raising two teenagers is not an easy task. Shreya had made it this far and Rama had full confidence in her daughter’s capabilities.

Rhea was the first to get back home from her Math tuitions. She went to an old retired teacher who lived in the same building. She needed the additional boost to make it through her 10th board exams. She was already seated at the dining table when Shikha made her entry. She needed help with Arabic. Shikha’s classmate, who lived in the same building had also joined her at the table. They had just had a long walk back from tuitions.

Rama made sure all the kids had enough to eat and drink on the table and left the dining room to lie down for a while.Age was catching up with her and she needed the break. As she passed by her daughter’s room, she overheard Shreya talking on the phone.

“You promised! How can you back out like this? This isn’t fair at all. I will never forgive you for this.”

Rama walked in to the room and sat down next to Shreya. Her daughter laid down with her head on her mother’s lap. She tried to hide her tears from her mother. But a mother always knows. She feels it when her daughter has had a heartbreak. Rama didn’t know what the conversation on the phone was about. But she knew that Shreya would tell her when she was ready to. She stroked her daughter’s forehead as she tried to control her own emotions.

She noticed the wardrobe door was wide open. In it was a box full of decorations jutting out from amongst her daughter’s clothes. On the lower shelf, four gifts were arranged neatly wrapped with shining silver gift wrapping paper covered with big and small red hearts all over. Rama didn’t think it at all odd that a surprise was planned. What she found intriguing is the number of gifts. Why four?

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

As a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and for NaBloPoMo

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 2 : Just an evening

  1. Nice, loved how you brought about the subtle discomfort of Rama in Dubai and also how you clearly brought out the mother daughter dynamic as well. Love how this story is gently progressing.

    You seem to have figured out the proper hooks at the end of each part to keep your regular readers coming back every day as well 😀


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