Chapter 3 : The Missing


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The Missing

The Missing

The anticipation and the excitement had worn out Shreya more than she would allow. Now lying on her mother’s lap, she realized that she was more tired than she has ever been. So when her mom asked her to sleep for a while, she gladly succumbed. Her mother helped her into the blanket and tucked her in.


Within minutes Shreya fell asleep. Rama walked towards the wardrobe and closed it. It was symbolic in a way. For the past few years, Shreya has been closing chapters in her life like this too. It was a tough fate. She could easily blame her daughter, but she choses to keep quiet. Her daughter had always made her own decisions in life. And she was brave enough to face the consequences too.

Rhea and Shikha hadn’t realised that their mom was home already. They came in search of their grandmother. The light in their mom’s room was switched on and they found their grandmother standing with her back against the wardrobe in a contemplative mood. The girls knew well enough to let their mother be.

During their growing years, their mom was a screaming and screeching perfectionist. Everything she did was with great conviction and dedication. The only problem with this was that when things didn’t go her way, she got converted into a ball of nerves. Her migraines would start acting up. The kids had learnt at an early age to stay away from their mother during such times.

Now, sleeping at this twilight hour, their mother looked like a child. They each planted a kiss on their mother’s forehead. Shreya opened her eyes slightly. She mouthed out a feeble “sorry” before she fell asleep again.

Rama was a silent witness to this show of affection and understanding. Daughters are the best, she thought. No one understands better and no one adjusts better. Rhea and Shikha have had to do their share of adjustments in life. The separation had effected them equally if not more than it had affected Shreya.

They were old enough to understand that it was a long pending decision. But the price they had to pay was not something that they could accept easily. Their family had split and they missed having their dad around. But what they missed most was the laughter, jokes and the tantrums of their younger brother Nischal.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

As a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and for NaBloPoMo

Picture Courtesy : Nuze My Love

18 thoughts on “Chapter 3 : The Missing

  1. ” Daughters are the best, she thought. No one understands better and no one adjusts better.”
    Very true it is.

    Separation of any kind is painful and takes ages for recovery.
    I am all glued now. 🙂


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