Chapter 6 : The other side


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

the other side

The other side

The world has a different law for every parent, thought Nayan. Being a father doesn’t only mean being the provider of the family. He equally shared in the burden of the household work when the help was sick or out of town. He had his share of problems at work at all times, but even with the restrictions of a busy full time job, he made sure he went to every school play that his kids participated in. He made sure he attended every parent- teacher meeting at school.

Even before Shreya went back to work, she always had an excuse for missing school meetings. Initially it was sheer tiredness of the housework and then it was due to their new born son , and later, work commitments. She managed the home to perfection but when it came to things that needed to be done outside the home, it was always his responsibility.

This irked him no end. But he continued to do everything he can for his kids. At least as much as he could squeeze into the tight control that Shreya had over the them. She was a strict disciplinarian. It helped in keeping the harmony of the house. A house with three kids would end up being a common fish market if a certain amount of discipline was not maintained. Sometimes , Shreya would go overboard with this. It is not like you can control every living moment of a child, just because he or she was a part of you at one time.

She was obsessed with the kids. More obsessed with making them into perfect people.  Somehow, she doesn’t realize that perfection has different definitions for different people. A hearty laugh and a happy go lucky lifestyle can bring in more happiness than the perfect creases of the bed sheets on the beds or a spotlessly clean house. Perfect grades and perfect activities can give rise to perfect students, not perfect human beings.

Nayan was entering the school premises for the parent- teacher’s meet at his son’s school.  Nischal was a bright student. That is what every teacher had to say about him at all the previous meetings. Once a chirpy 5 year old with a lot of questions to the serious 10 year old with a lot of answers. The teachers were proud of Nischal’s achievements. But what bothered them was his aloofness in class.

It had been a year since Nischal had joined this new school. It took a while for him to get adjusted to the new atmosphere. It was a boys only school as compared to the co-ed that he had attended with his sisters before. But his grades never dropped. Nayan considered the aloofness and peer group mingling problem as a minor adjustment issue. It would solve by itself , he thought.

But recently, at home too, Nischal kept more to himself than before. Leaving a house full of people into sharing a small two bedroom with his dad and Nanny, had made the 10 year old more mature than his age. Nayan’s recent promotion made sure that he spent very little time at home with his son. This did not help either. He must make amends, thought Nayan.

To be Continued……


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