Every once in a while

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

I know you want to hear,
That I am fine as can be,
But I am not always happy,
I have bad days too.

Those days are few,
I can still smile,
A tear does escape,
It goes away after a while.

The love I feel,
The loneliness too,
Brings me to the brim,
During happy times too.

I live a day at a time,
Smiling as you smile too,
You are there in dreams,
In harsh reality too.

Every once in a while,
The cup of happiness shakes,
Drops of sadness fall,
Just be there to hold it still.


Written for 100 Words on Saturday at Write Tribe.

The prompt, provided byΒ Richa Singh of The Philosopher’s Stone, is :

Every once in a while



21 thoughts on “Every once in a while

  1. We have bad days too, agree!! But sadness becomes less painful when loved ones are there to hold the cup still. Lovely poem Jyothi.


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