Chapter 7 : That First Day


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

mom leaving for work

mom leaving for work

It is a fact that once you are employed and have felt the thrill of being independent , it becomes difficult to be a stay at home mom. The choices that women make can make sense only to the person making it. Words can’t explain why a mother sees a sick child at home and feels guilty about having to leave for work.

The maid that Shreya initially had to take care of Rhea was an old lady who they had brought from India on their visa. It was a tough process to get her here and Shreya was happy that they had managed to find her. It meant she could get back to work. Rhea was a happy child. Never cranky. The maid was old enough to be Rhea’s grand mom and the two were a hit together in their first meeting itself.

Since the visa procedures took time, Shreya had used up all her maternity and annual leave while she took care of Rhea. Nayan was travelling during most of this time and she was left alone to manage a new born and a home. The building cleaner came in twice a week on extra pay to clean up the entire apartment. But when you have a baby in the house, this is not enough.

She found herself either nursing,cooking or cleaning. Her mom and dad had come in for a month after Rhea was born. But her mom had to leave in a hurry when her dad had a heart attack and he had to be rushed back to India for surgery. Rhea was left alone again. Nayan’s travelling never bothered her much before. But now she wished he was there with her for support.

On the first day that Shreya was getting ready, her excitement was clearly visible. She missed her job. She loved her job.She had to buy a new set of work clothes. She was never a thin person even before. But the pregnancy had added more weight than she would have liked. Even after three months, she still hadn’t managed to lose that excess weight.

She sat for a few minutes looking at the angel she had brought into this world. She loved to sit back and watch Rhea sleep. A luxury she gained only after the maid had arrived from India and relieved her of the kitchen duties. She kissed her daughter on the forehead with a tear in her eye. She asked the maid not to leave Rhea alone at any point especially when she is awake.

Just as she picked up her car keys and was heading towards the door, Rhea woke up and the maid brought her with her to lock the door behind Shreya. Even without her knowledge Shreya had already picked up her daughter and was kissing her face through her own tears. She handed Rhea  back to the maid and walked out of the apartment.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 7 : That First Day

  1. I didn’t want to face leaving my baby to go to work, so together my husband and I made the choice that I would quit my job and stay home and take care of the baby myself and then I had another. There are times I have regrets about giving up a job I loved, but then I realized how blessed I was to stay at home. It has been so worth it, even the struggle with only one income. I wouldn’t change a thing or missed it for the world. Love your story so far and can’t wait to read more. ♥


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