Chapter 9 : A memory


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

A memory

A memory

Even though Shreya was forced to quit her job, she didn’t mind it at all. She was happy that she was able to see her kids walk for the first time, that she had heard them speak for the first time. She would spend her evenings in the park with Shikha in a stroller and Rhea running about with the other kids. She made friends with a few grandparents and maids who were in the park taking care of kids. Sometimes she would run into her neighbour who would be doing her regular jogging rounds when she got back from work.

Only during those moments did she miss those months of carefree life that she lived in this very city when she had joined a company here, a few months after her graduation. She had lived in a studio apartment in this very same building and used to enjoy similar jogging sessions every evening.

After the initial hiccup of adjusting to a homemaker’s life, Shreya took to it like a pro. She kept a spotless home and managed to run it without any hiccups. The live in maid in their neighbour’s apartment would come in everyday to help with the dishes and the cleaning.

Each time Nayan came back home from a trip, Shreya had a lot of adventures to share with him. She photographed and shot videos as much as she could so that Nayan wouldn’t miss the growing stages of their angels. Excessive traveling and work pressure was taking its toll on him. He would get irritated for the smallest things. He was not the kind who expressed his feelings freely.

This was true of Nayan even years ago when he and Shreya used to jog together on the same track every evening. It took almost half a year for him to confess his love for her. He had lost his parents at a young age and had been brought up by his uncle in Dubai itself. He was staying in the same apartment complex as her.Their friendship took off on that first day that Shreya had moved in. She had just come in from Bangalore and found it reassuring to have someone to talk to in her own language.

They shifted to a two bedroom apartment in her building soon after they got married. Now sharing that apartment were Rhea and Shikha, their adorable daughters. Shreya always dreamt of getting back to work when both her daughters start school. But at present she was content being a wife and a mother.

If only Nayan could take out more time for them from his work schedule. But with expenses going up and them living on a single income, it was a necessity. Shreya wished he would understand that these years would never come back. If they missed the growing years of their children’s lives then even memories wouldn’t be there to accompany them in their old age. There is no good future without a happy present, thought Shreya.

To be Continued……


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 9 : A memory

  1. I can really relate to this story as I too quit my job to stay home and raise my kids while my husband worked. It hasn’t been an easy life on one income, but the memories of my children growing up is priceless. It is a gift my husband gave me. We couldn’t see our kids growing up without either of us, so I stayed home. Captivating and realistic story. ♥


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