Chapter 10 : A bit of fun


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

a bit of fun

a bit of fun

After being done with the first business call of the day, Nayan peeked into his son’s room to check if he was still asleep. His son had a slight fever and had not gone to school because of it. The weather change usually had this effect on most kids this season. Must call Rhea and Shikha to check if they are fine, thought Nayan.

Nayan had quit his job when his son Nischal was a year old. He had started his own business which is now flourishing due to the hard work he had put in. His forever traveling job was robbing him of precious time with his family. Now he had the leisure to work on his own terms. Although the commitment, the risk and the work was much more than before, he enjoyed being his own boss and he loved the flexible timings.

He had made up this decision during the time when Shreya was on a work assignment in India. Mina, the nanny , did a good job of managing the home front. But the kids needed more support than that. They needed help with homework, the needed help with school friend issues, they needed help with everything and anything.  Nayan, for the first time realised that parenting was not only about providing a roof and food. It was about being there to help the children when they need them the most.

During those months when Shreya was away, he found it difficult to juggle office and home. Mina was having a tough time dealing with three children and the housework. By the end of the second month, Nayan had begun working from home. His boss was not too happy with this arrangement , but finally gave in to Nayan’s demand. He was given the privilege to work from home for the next 4 months, till his wife got back from India.

Shreya’s project got extended and she ended up staying for almost a year away from home and her family. She did come on a three day leave to visit them once, after the first six months were over. It was during this time that Nayan brought up the topic of quitting his job and starting his own business.

He had begun to enjoy working from home and his current boss was not ready to let him continue working from home. After giving a month’s notice, Nayan quit his job and started working on his business venture. He took the help of his uncle, who was already running a successful business , to get his business up and running. In six months he had actually started to show profits.

It was the beginning of a new life for Nayan. He was enjoying his work, he was enjoying the time he spent with the kids, he was enjoying the freedom he was craving for all these years. What he missed was the presence of his wife. He couldn’t wait for her to come back home.

He would spend many an evening juggling a naughty Nischal between his left and right thigh as he would try and teach Rhea how to add, subtract and multiply. Rhea in turn would help Shikha with her alphabets. On many a weekend, all four of them would fall asleep on the quilt watching an animated movie or another in the hall. Junk food lying all over the place.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 10 : A bit of fun

  1. watching an animated movie or another in the hall. Junk food lying all over the place. This is so typical when kids are small. and Nitin managed with 3 growing kids . Hats off to him and his patience.


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