Chapter 12 : It is an issue


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

It is an Issue

It is an Issue

The project was good, the boss was good and being able to stay with her parents after all these years apart, made Shreya not regret the decision she had taken.


Nischal was about two months old when it first happened. Shreya was as usual busy with her three kids and housework. She had given up the dream of getting back to work after Nischal was born. It will take 3 years for him to start school. Nayan had one day come home irritated after a long day of work.

Rhea and Shikha were busy colouring when he came in. Shreya was feeding Nischal. The kids wanted Nayan to get something from a high shelf. Nayan started shouting at the girls. All three of them were too shocked to speak. The sounds scared Nischal and he began to cry. Soon the girls were running towards Shreya in fear. The whole house was in chaos for the next few minutes. Her husband leaves them in the hall and goes into the bedroom to freshen up.

Settling the girls back into their colouring and leaving Nischal on his quilt and under the care of his elder sisters, Shreya went into the bedroom to confront Nayan. He had already cooled down by then and regret was written all over his face. When Shreya came and sat beside him on the bed , he put his head on her shoulders and they sat quietly in that position for a few minutes.

It was Shreya who broke the silence finally. She asked him what the problem was. She also began to tell him that he should leave office work at office. Taking home the baggage of office tension would only make home a living hell like it was a few minutes ago. Nayan began to speak, but then he realised the truth behind Shreya’s words. Nayan got up from the bed and walked over towards the balcony. Standing there in the cool winter air, he told Shreya that he wanted a cup of tea.

When Shreya returned with two cups of tea, Nayan was still standing in the balcony staring at the stars above. He tells Shreya that staring at stars at night helps improve vision. Sky watching was always a passion with Nayan. He looked most peaceful when he was out there in the balcony. Standing close to him now, sipping tea together, she realised that it had been a while since they spent time like this alone with each other.

Shreya isn’t the type to keep things to herself. She tells her husband what is on her mind. Nayan nods his head and agrees. He then adds that life is not easy when you are a parent. He talks about the pressure at work and the attitude of his boss. One of his colleagues got fed up and left the company, he said. The colleague was able to do so because his wife was earning too and there would be no issue with family visas or the worry of the 6 months work ban.

That day, more than a year and a half ago, she had made up her mind to start her job hunting. She was lucky enough to find one in a month’s time.


Now when she travels back to Dubai the next day, she would be home in time to celebrate Nischal’s second birthday.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

As a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and for NaBloPoMo

Picture Courtesy :  The Guardian


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