Chapter 14 : The Journey


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

The journey

The journey

Mina was on her maiden flight to Dubai. She was excited at the prospect of making a better future for her brother. Her mother, though not on bed rest, was not well enough to do even her own housework.The medicines that the doctor prescribed for her mother were expensive. She had passed her 10th exams. She tried to find a better job for herself. But being a salesgirl was the only other option she had . She chose to go to Dubai instead. Maybe she could look for some other employment after she reached there.

Being an Indian household, she knew that she would be safe at least. The grandmother looked kind. She was confident that she could do a good job. But she didn’t intend to work as a maid all her life. She was young, pretty and ambitious. These were her plus points. She fell asleep on the flight. She dreamt that her brother was working in a company in Dubai and was doing well.

When the plane landed in Dubai, Mina first prayed to the God that has helped her and her family survive this far with their dignity and honour intact. Counting blessings in life was something she learnt from her mother. She was given instructions as to what she had to do. She took her first steps into the foreign land towards the visa counter where her original visa was waiting for her. She took the copy she had with her and her passport from her brand new handbag and become a part of the long queues in front of the visa counters.


Shreya was anxiously waiting at the airport, she had left the kids with Nayan to come and pick up her new maid. She didn’t want to scare the girl by coming with the entire family and shocking her. Shreya loved her kids. But she knew that Mina had her work cut out for her. She hoped that she would be good with her children.

She didn’t expect to get a job so quickly. Although she was thrilled with the idea of working again, the maid hunting was not reaching anywhere. When her mother called up and told that she had found someone, Shreya couldn’t believe her luck. First her decision to work had not offended Nayan. Maybe he felt that he owed it to her. Then now her kids would be taken care of by the new maid. Nayan could leave the job and look for a better one if he wanted to. She wanted to get back to her career too. Everything fell into place at that time. A clear indication to her that she had taken the right decision.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

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