Chapter 17 : A Friendship


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

A friendship

A friendship

Ravin was the colleague who helped Shreya settle down into the new project in Bangalore when she had just started work 5 years ago. Now he had got promoted and heads the current project. Shreya was to assist him in managing this project and if things work out she would be heading projects of her own soon. The experience she gained working as a team member 5 years ago at this very same office, had got her through this far in her career. She was grateful to Ravin for his contribution to her career. 

Their friendship had blossomed well in the past few years. Through chats, emails and phone calls , they kept their friendship alive even outside of work. When Ravin had come in for a conference to Dubai, he was invited to Shreya’s home for dinner. He had spent an entire Friday after that with Shreya’s family. A visit to the Global Village that day was the highlight of Ravin’s trip. 

He enjoyed the company of Shreya’s kids and got along well with Nayan. The family life and the happiness in their household had left Ravin craving for more such meetings. He would touch wood each time he felt overwhelmed by the joy and laughter in that household. Life was indeed supposed to be like this. He had his share of fun times at home. But he realized now how he had missed out on by not having kids.

Shreya was back now for this new project and Ravin was looking forward to her visit. He had begun to share a lot about his life with Shreya online. It felt good that they could continue their friendship in person now. She had helped him get through a very difficult phase of his life. She had tried her best to make him understand the consequences of his actions. But she never judged him based on those decisions. She was indeed a true friend. 

Ravin was also present at the airport to welcome Shreya. It was not a requirement as part of his job. He just wanted to be there to welcome his friend. It was there at the airport that he met Shreya’s parents for the first time. He recognized them from photos he had seen in Shreya’s house in Dubai. He walked over to where they were seated in the waiting area and introduced himself.

Shreya’s parents knew about Ravin. He was indeed a wonderful person to talk to, they realized. They had spent at least half an hour talking and had forgotten about the reason they were at the airport.The flight was delayed by an hour and they realized that their daughter had landed only after she had come and joined in their conversation. Bangalore weather is just what Shreya needed to relax herself. Her parents and her new best friend just added the extra bit to lighten up her mood. 

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

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