Chapter 23 : Is it love?


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

Is it love?

Is it love?

It was a relatively relaxing day at the office when Shreya was at her desk trying to catch up with her personal emails.  Her Facebook account had been neglected for a long time now. She wasn’t sure what one is supposed to update when one has just gone through a loss. Condolences were pouring on her wall even now, a month after she lost her father. 

Among the mails was a mail from her husband. Nayan generally refrained from sending mails, except when it was about something that needs to be documented. Their accounts and investments were all joined and the email was for any such correspondence only. She had to go through them anyway. 

Among them she found a strange mail. It stood out amongst all the emails from him because of its subject. Is said “Is it love?”. Nayan never forwards chain mails and such, hence her curiously caught up with her and she opened that one first. What she read was something that brought a smile to her face. At least it proves that he still loves her. Was that a tinge of jealousy that she sensed in his words.

The mail brought back those memories of her father’s death and how Ravin had been a lot of help and support during the time. Did she unknowingly encourage Ravin? She knew Ravin cared for her. But did that friendship and closeness grow into something else in Ravin’s mind? Shreya couldn’t boast of having a lot of friends. Her family and then work took up a lot of her time. She could hardly manage a few chats and calls. It had been a long time since she met any of her college or school friends. Her colleagues at work were a helpful lot. But there is a lot of difference between colleagues and friends, she knew. 

Ravin and she had struck up a strong bond between themselves during her last visit to Bangalore 5 years ago. That bond had grown into a strong and reliable friendship. She loved to chat with him when she was in Dubai. It was like he knew exactly what she was feeling the minute she began to say something. Words would never tire when they used to find time to chat during the office hours.  

Whenever she was in a bad mood she would go looking for him online. They never discussed personal matters , just the mundane stuff. But even the online presence of someone who actually cares for you can bring in a lot of peace and relaxation. That friendship got a lot more deeper when she same to Bangalore and was able to see him every single day at work and sometimes even at home. 

Nayan thinks Ravin is in love with her. That is not what she was worried about now. She was worried about whether she was in love with Ravin. She had thought of maintaining a distance between them from now on. She didn’t want Nayan to feel insecure. Shreya knew her priorities. But then why did she suddenly feel empty inside. Was she willing to lose such a friend?

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

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