Chapter 25 : The Solution


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

The Solution

The Solution

Ravin was already waiting for her when she reached Cafe Coffee Day. He had been away from office and she hadn’t met him the entire day. It was almost close to sunset and getting dark. Ravin looked tired. That is exactly how Shreya felt too. 

Shreya didn’t mince her words. She told him that Nayan thinks that Ravin is in love with her. She was hoping that he would laugh it off. That’s how most of their conversation happen. With laughter and teasing. But he didn’t. He suddenly looked sad. All he said was that he was sorry that he wasn’t able to hide it well. 

She laughed again hoping that he was just pulling her leg. But when he didn’t smile or join in her laughter , her heart sunk. He was serious when he said it. At least now she had an answer!

He confessed that he did have strong feelings for her. But then he also knew how much Shreya loved her husband and her family. He knew that there would be no outcome to such feelings. He had been through a tough divorce and was feeling lonely and afraid. Shreya’s friendship had got him through the worst time of his life. He had guessed that she had sensed something and hence was maintaining a distance. He didn’t want to confront her because he was afraid of losing this friendship forever.

Shreya realized that just like she had lost someone, Ravin had lost someone too. This feeling of dependency was only because of that. There was nothing more to it, she thought. She was in a way relieved that things were now in the open and they could talk freely about them. 

They would part ways in a couple of months. They would remain as friends for as long as they live. It was decided and fixed. How the distance and the friendship would be maintained was discussed in comic detail. By the end of the conversation , they were laughing at the possibilities and the tiredness they both had felt earlier had disappeared. 

There are a lot of relationships in this world that have no names and no outcomes. Theirs would be one such too. Their friendship only grew stronger after this incident. The word love or any of its variations never came into their conversations ever again. They were just friends for life. 

Now all she had to do was to convince her husband of this when she got back home. An email or call wouldn’t do justice to this conversation, she thought.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

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