Chapter 26 : The Calm


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

The Calm

The Calm

Being back in Dubai was indeed a relief for Shreya. Not to mention for her mother and her husband. Even though she was away for six months, she kept herself updated about her children’s lives. But when she got back, she realized that their schedules had changed slightly.

Her husband , her kids and Mina had managed to give the home a complete makeover in her absence. There was a reason for this. The interior painting happens only once in two years and they had to comply with the schedule set for the building.  It was just a two day affair, but the amount of work that went into moving the furniture and wall fittings to accommodate the painting was too much. She was silently happy that she had missed it.

But the house looked different now. The scribblings on the walls were beautiful in their own way. She knew the house needed a new coat of painting. But she wished Nayan had not rearranged everything in her house. He had even given different shades to the walls in the bedrooms. It looked very nice. But very unlike her home.


Nayan couldn’t understand the need to maintain the friendship with Ravin. Although Shreya had had a talk with him and told him that he had nothing to fear, Nayan felt a little uncomfortable with this situation. He had done his part of warning his wife and hinting that he was not ok with it. But now his wife decides to continue with the friendship. He hated this fact. But he knew better than to confront her.

Her presence back in the home had set a lot of things back into place. He had missed her miserably. Now that she was back, he didn’t want to end up fighting with her. He thought he will give her some time to come to her senses.

Within a month, he realized that his decision was correct. Shreya’s dependence on Ravin had reduced and things were back to normal. He understood the distance between them had finally brought down the importance of the friendship. It was something that she said that made him accept this. She had said that each time she spoke to Ravin, she was reminded of the time that she spent in India. The time during which she had lost her father.

She was moving on and everything would be fine again. He was happy that that doubt of his has been put to rest. It requires such phases in life to really realise where our priorities lie and what our heart actually desires. He was content with the turn of events. Their life was back to normal again.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

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