Chapter 27 : The Silence


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

The Silence

The Silence

The house wasn’t the only thing that changed. Shreya sensed a sort of disapproval from Nayan’s side. She had explained to him about her relationship with Ravin and he seemed alright with the decision. But then there was something amiss. Those quiet evenings to himself, those subtle changes in attitude. 

Come evening everyone in the house was busy in their own rooms. The kids had homework had to complete. Nischal’s routine was managed by Mina. She even helped him with his homework these days. That meant a lot of free time for Shreya and Nayan. But he preferred his newspapers and his cricket telecasts. 

Soon Shreya got into the habit of reading books again. She had lost touch with this interest of hers in the busy life she had lived since the birth of her first child. She started building a life of her own amongst her books, work and friends. She renewed some of her old friendships and began going out more often with them. Her contacts with Ravin were reduced to a few email exchanges on special occasions. But they knew what was happening in each other’s lives all the time.

Ravi had met someone and was enjoying his courtship with her. Shreya was happy when finally one day, Ravin changed his relationship status on Facebook to ” In a relationship”. She shared all these with Nayan too. Life was indeed back to normal. In fact better than normal.

It was almost a year since she had gotten back from Banglaore, that she sensed something different about Mina. She was become more close to everyone in her family in her absence. Her behaviour was still gentle and quiet. But there definitely was something going on in her life. Her brother was in Dubai too and she would go on weekends to help him with his laundry and cook some food for him and keep in the fridge. She was indeed a very good elder sister to Madan.

Shreya would often find Mina talking to Nayan about Madan. Mina herself was an ambitious person. But she seemed more ambitious on her brother’s behalf. She enrolled him into correspondence course with Nayan’s help. She wanted to educate him further. She managed to get Nayan to do everything needed for that.

Shreya was not the kind who doesn’t like to help the poor and the less fortunate. But she felt that Nayan was being taken for granted by Mina. He did everything he could to help Madan. She brought it up with Nayan one day. He just brushed it off. His logic was that Mina was doing a good job of taking care of the house and their kids. They owed her this much at least. What if Mina left in search of a better paying job to help out her brother? Wouldn’t it upset their lives? 

There was no arguing there, Mina was indeed an important part of their family. It was not this but another incident that triggered the first visible crack in their relationship. It happened almost a year later.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

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