Chapter 28 : The Storm


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

The Storm

The Storm

How is he to forgive such an accusation?

Shreya had her doubts that Mina was having an affair with someone. She was being very secretive all of a sudden. She would spend a lot of time on her phone whenever she took a break and would be smiling and humming away while doing her chores. Being at home most of the time, it was unlikely that she knew anybody else here who she could be talking to. She also noticed that Mina had such phone calls only when Nayan was not home.

Nayan’s closeness to her and doing things out of the way for Mina and her brother had triggered the feeling in her. Added to that was Nayan’s aloofness and his suddenly turning into a private person. Shreya was overwhelmed with all the changes in her life and had come to the conclusion that it was Nayan and Mina who were having an affair. 

Being frank as she always had been, she confronted Nayan with this. That was the first time that they had a yelling match at home. Nayan was beyond furious at such an accusation. But instead of talking it over like adults should, they started an accusation war. Pointing fingers at each other and blaming each other for everything that was wrong in their life.

Shreya felt that Nayan cared more for Mina than herself because it was Mina who took care of the kids. She went on to say that she’s started work again only to support him. She would have loved to stay back and take care of the children any day.

He retaliates with Ravin’s case and how Shreya now has a full social life that kept her away from home and her family. Her perfectionist behaviour and her OCD about cleanliness also came into conversation. Silly petty things that can be easily ignored came into the open. Their fights continued for weeks on end. Each not willing to give up and apologise. 

It was when the kids began to get upset that they would stop yelling. But only to start off again on the slightest provocation. Even when the truth of Mina’s affair with the Grocery owner downstairs came out and things were done to solve that issue, the fights did not stop.

Shreya had tried to apologize to Nayan many times. But their fights had brought up ego issues. Their irritation of each other grew with each passing day, until the time that they finally couldn’t take it anymore. They filed for divorce on mutual consent. But when it came to the custody of their children, they couldn’t come to a viable solution. Neither of them wanted to give up any of their children.

With the intervention of their lawyers and Nayan’s cousins, it was decided that the girls would stay with Shreya and their son would stay with Nayan. Both parents would get visiting rights and since everything was mutually agreed upon, they had to stick to their side of the deal. 

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 28 : The Storm

  1. Oh oh, sad that things have got to such a stage for the family.

    ‘Know what, you’re amazing Jyothi! Every day you’ve been cooking up a story to tell us! I’m still lagging behind in reading up on all the parts…getting there! Just wanted to tell you how over-awed I am by your story-telling prowess Kudos!

    Keep writing!
    Good luck for the remaining parts 🙂


  2. Shit! how lame…I am sorry but I didnt have better word….In a way your story has given us a glimpse of real world…the way they survived troubled times and separated in calm was just stupid…


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