Chapter 29 : Regrets


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.



The past year had been a tiring one for Shreya. Once the divorce was finalized, both Nayan and herself were working towards making the kids understand and adjust. Separating the kids was not a good idea at all. At that point in time, all the frustrations that were building up in her came out all at one go and she lost control of her emotions. 

Nayan too could be given that benefit of doubt. After all , she had accused him of something really serious. Initially , during the heat of argument, Shreya compared it to what Nayan had accused her of with Ravin. But now , when she sits down with a cool head, she realises that Nayan had been more mature in dealing with that. 

What she couldn’t forgive was the fact that Nayan had started yelling and shouting and taking out his frustrations in front of the kids and the maid. This had lasted for months together, before she finally decided to separate from him. She didn’t want the kids to be effected by the constant fights. 

Life was not the same as it was before. Nischal and Nayan were missed every single day. Their family photo hanging in the front room was a painful reminder of the fun times that they once had in this very home. Shreya felt guilty about splitting her family. 

She couldn’t understand how she had managed to lose control of her emotions. Both Nayan and herself had been mature enough in all decisions up until that point. What flawed that perfection? Or maybe things were not as perfect as she thought they were. Maybe there were resentment before too. But they rarely voiced those resentment or issues. They had chosen to ignore them and act like adults. 

That is the volcano that burst that day and the days that followed. Shreya always thought she was open with her feelings all the time with her family. But she realized now that she had kept certain irritations to herself. Nayan hated confrontations, so he surely kept things to himself too. They both needed an outlet and Shreya’s accusation had just been the trigger.

All Shreya had to do was tell Nayan about her doubts about Mina. They could have jointly investigated and found a solution to it. But in her twisted mind, due to a lack of proper judgement just for an instant, she ended up accusing her husband. 

The kids were struggling with the new living adjustment. Since Nayan needed help with Nischal at home, Mina accompanied them to the new apartment. Even though the girls were old enough to manage on their own at home after school, Shreya thought it better to have someone to keep an eye on them at all times. The world was not a safe place for children. And children who are at home alone were easy targets. She requested her mother to join them. And her mother had turned out to be both relief and a big help to her. 

Mina was due to be married to her boyfriend soon and she would shift out into her husband’s apartment. What will Nayan do then? Shreya could sense a headache come on. She was at her office that day, not being able to concentrate on work at all. She had managed to get a promotion two days ago and had planned to share the joy of it with her entire family. 

Nayan had backed out at the last minute. He said such get togethers made it more difficult for Nischal to adjust to the new arrangement. He wants to spare their son the agony of walking out of the apartment leaving his family behind every single time they met up. Who else but Shreya could understand this better. Watching her son walk out of the house with his father had been the most painful experience of her life. And she wasn’t willing to relive those again and again either!

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

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