Chapter 30 : A Party


You might want to read the previous chapters of Falling Apart before reading this chapter.

A Party

A Party

When Rhea and Shikha came back from tuitions, they were surprised to find their mom already at the dining table sipping her cup of tea. That’s two days “home early from office” in a row. This cannot be good they thought as they gave each other that “oh no!” look. They dumped their bags on the sofa and sat down at the table in front of their milk and snacks. 

Rama joined her daughter and her grand daughters at the table with her cup of tea too. She too was clueless as to what was on Shreya’s mind. Even though all of them were quiet, everyone knew what the other was thinking about. Shreya’s state the previous evening had not been explained to them. The kids were dying to know what happened.

Shreya tells them about the promotion and how yesterday she had got the letter of confirmation and she had planned to celebrate it. She told them the reason their father had cancelled the plan of joining them yesterday. The girls looked more sad than ever at this point. They were afraid if they would ever see their brother again!

What Shreya said next put them at ease. She said as per visitation rights, she was due to meet Nischal this weekend. And their father’s meeting with them was also due. Shreya had fixed it up with Nayan to meet up for a lunch party at his house. She had spoke to Mina and told her decorate Nayan’s home. She would arrange the food to be brought over. She thought it would be nice if Nischal had good memories of family togethers in his new home. 

The atmosphere in the home changed instantly. The girls were already hugging their mother and telling her that it was a brilliant idea. They were already chatting about what to wear for the party as they made their way to their room.  

Shreya turned towards her mother, who was staring at her for quite some time. Shreya got up and went towards her and hugged her tightly. Rama couldn’t control her tears anymore. The strength that her daughter was showing was something that she herself lacked. Shreya was indeed more like her father. He always had a solution for everything!

The mother – daughter duo spend a few minutes in silence. Both were unable to speak. Words sometimes don’t do justice to the feelings. This was one such moment for them. Saying something would have ruined the moment  for sure. It was Rama who broke the silence and started to clear the table as she wiped her tears away. Shreya picked up her mobile to make arrangements for the lunch party. Smiling and wiping off tears at the same time.  

Life does throw challenges at us at every turn. She needed to face them as boldly as she could. Her family, her career, their future everything depended on her decisions too. However trivial the decisions maybe, they always have a good impact, if the intentions are good. 


Nayan was surprised at the lunch party idea that he had just been informed about. He was working from home that day and he was able to share it with Nischal then itself. Shreya had got busy talking to Mina after informing him the details. Nischal’s face had brightened up at this news. Looking at his son now, Nayan realized that his fever would subside soon too. 

Nischal was already making plans as to how to welcome his sisters to his new home. The father- son duo were smiling more than they had in the past year as they planned on what gifts to buy for the girls.

To be Continued……


I am planning a 31 part story this month. (God bless me and my readers) 😀

Please wish me luck….

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 30 : A Party

  1. I read this chapter out of order so know what is going to happen…but loved how this led up to it. One of the best things about this month has been following along as this story has unfolded. Some day I may be brave enough to attempt such an undertaking. You are an amazing writer! ♥


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