Diwali Diyas


Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with Diwali. More than the sweets and the poojas , it was always the diyas that made Diwali special. Come Diwali and every Hindu house would have at least two diyas kept on either side of the main door. It is kept so as to welcome Goddess Laxmi , who would bring in wealth and prosperity with her into our homes. We used to try and keep a few in the balcony as well. Every entrance to the house should be lit up to let the Goddess know that we are waiting for her to visit. This is what my mother told me. And this is what I believe too. But the ones in the balcony rarely stay lit because of the winds here. Yes, it is finally feeling a bit like winter. It is not cool as yet but the evenings have definitely become less warmer than before.

Every year for three days leading upto Diwali, I light these diyas too around the house. It is amazing how many different varieties of Diyas are available in the market here these days. I picked up a few too. I had a few that I used last year that look perfectly fine to be used agin this year. So this year I have a lot more Diyas than I ever had. And a lot more variety too.

Yesterday was Day 1 and I had lit up the house with some of these diyas. I hope you like them. There is something about these tiny flames that makes my heart flutter. These bring joy to my heart and soul. Hoping these light up your Diwali too.

Diwali 2013 1 Diwali 2013 2 Diwali 2013 3 Diwali 2013 4 Diwali 2013 5 Diwali 2013 6 Diwali 2013 7 Diwali 2013 8 Diwali 2013 9 Diwali 2013 10 Diwali 2013 11 Diwali 2013 12 Diwali 2013 13

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17 thoughts on “Diwali Diyas

  1. Same pinch Di! I am crazy about diyas…I have also bought many varieties this year…I just love the way they light up our inner self. A strange kind of positivity they bring along and I believe that feeling itself must be Lordess Lakshmi. A Very Happy Deepavali to you and your loved ones. πŸ™‚


  2. How beautiful! I am enjoying learning about your customs at Diwali. We don’t celebrate that here so I really only know what you have shared. I think I would love the diyas too!! β™₯


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